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    B2 crash in Guam?

    I read a thread on another board that a B2 crashed in Guam shortly after takeoff. Pilots ejected ok. Can anyone find a link to a news report?
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    IMAX movie: Fighter Pilot, Red Flag

    I just saw this movie the other day and saw something I thought was odd. In the last 15 minutes or so of the movie, they show a pre-flight briefing. During the briefing it appears that one pilot is randomly picked from the auditorium to be "shot down" behind enemy lines. The pilot leaves and...
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    B-52 anyone?

    I thought this was interesting. Anyone know if this actually happened?
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    Brazil Legacy cleared to 37

    Not sure if this has already been posted, but it appears data from the Legacy confirm clearence to 37,000.
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    Question about something on Discovery Channel

    I was just watching a clip on Discovery Channel. Not sure what the show was called, but it featured a lot of footage from the USS George Washington. The show showed footage of an F-18 landing on the carrier, catching a wire, the wire snapping and the plane going off the end of the carrier with...
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    Piper Mirage V. Mooney Bravo

    Hello. Just looking for input. I am looking at purchasing either a new Mirage or a new Bravo. Will be used one stage lengths from 250nm to 1000nm, typically carrying 2 - 4 passangers. I have looked at manufacturers quoted DOC numbers and performance charts. Do any of you have opinions on...
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    Is Vegas safe?

    While researching a trip I will soon be taking to Las Vegas, I stumbled accross this article and it has made me wonder if Vegas is indeed safe to visit. It appears that deadly chemtrails are very prevalent in LV...
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    Delta 76 intercepted by Dutch F-16's

    Audio of an intercept of a Delta flight from Istanbul to JFK yesterday. Not sure why it happened, if anyone knows, please let us know.
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    U-2 crash in Asia Hope all the U-2 driver's from the board are ok. RIP.
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    People outside aviation are waking to the dangers of Chemgoo

    Found this on another BBS. It looks like the secret is getting out to the general public. I wonder how much longer "They" will continue with daylight chemgoo operations?
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    Oil at $80/barrell

    I was wondering what everybody thought might happen to the industry should oil hit $80 a barrell this summer. I have read about this possibility in several different newspapers over the last couple of weeks. If this should occur, what would the effect be on the airline industry...particularly...
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    Pilotless commercial air travel I sincerely hope this never happens. I may only be a passenger on commercial flights (I fly for fun, not for a living), I would feel much, much safer with a human up front that has...
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    Unusual Chem Goo/Orb activity this in

    PHX this morning. I have a question for all of you. As I was driving into Sky Harbor this morning (around 10am) for my flight back to ORD, I noticed there seemed to be an usually heavy concentration of Chemtrail Orb activity in the immediate airspace. Just wondering if anybody had heard...
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    757 Line to close

    A buddy of mine just emailed and said he had heard that Boeing officially announced closing the 757 line in 2004. Can anyone confirm this rumor?