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    medical in yip area

    I use him too. He's a good Dr.
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    Hit a deer on takeoff roll

    A few years back, a person hit a deer at Ann Arbor Airport(MI) with a PA-28. It was just before hunting season(Bow and Arrow). The joke was the first deer taken with an Arrow that year.
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    Hit a deer on takeoff roll

    How many points was it?
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    Medital Airport,MI-Aircraft Rental?

    wmuflyguy, You mentioned one of my concerns about that airport...The lack of good landing places if you do puke a motor on takeoff. They had an accident out of that airport, a few years back, with that very problem. I would hope that pointing out some good ditching area's is part of their...
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    Medital Airport,MI-Aircraft Rental?

    Anybody rent planes at Medital Airport(Detroit area). I think the FBO there is Kitz Aviation. What planes do they have/How much/What do they require for a check-out? CJ610
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    I was talking to a couple expacs at F-Street, in Anchorage, who worked for NCA. They seemed to like it. Yes its a contract gig. I don't know for how long. They can decline to renew. Sounds like alot of quiet flying if you are flying w/ some nationals who don't speak much english outside of ICAO...
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    AOPA legal service plan

    Anybody here have or ever had to use the AOPA legal service plan. I've subscribed to it in the past but never used it. Do they really come through for those people who end up in need of their services? cj610
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    Air Ambo slides off runway

    Plane crashes at city airport By SCOTT BRAND/The Evening News SAULT STE. MARIE - Falling rain, freezing temperatures and partially frozen slush conspired to claim an emergency airplane as it attempted to land at Sanderson Field early this morning. According to Sault Police reports, the pilot...
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    What's wrong with this caption?

    Pan Am in Miami was the first to offer the Boeing 777 Airbus Type Rating. I got mine through them. What an awsom airplane to fly.
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    Balloon Ride

    We took off from over by Kesington Park. Landed in South Lyon.
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    Where to get good leather jackets?

    check out airborne) or
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    Balloon Ride

    Yes, there were wires but when your coming in at 5-10 kts, you can pick them out real easy. In matter of fact, we had to delay our landing by about 10 minutes because we were following right down a row of power lines. I felt very safe the whole time we were riding along. It was fun.
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    Balloon Ride

    My wife got me a balloon ride as a birthday present. We went up the other evening. It was a perfect evening. Sky clear, light winds. The fall colors were near peak here in SE Michigan. It was neat just hovering along the ground at 10 kts, 500-1000 ft. It was different to not have any horizontal...
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    Corporate pilot Playmate?

    Play Boy Thanks Rogue5!!! My wife limits me to 30 minutes on the computer a day. You just made me use up 20 on your Play Boy sites you listed. CJ610
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    Chart cases, which do you use?

    Flight Case I went through two of those $30 Office Depot flight cases in one year. The handle broke off on both. I didn't have that much weight in them either. Went with the $80 Samsonite flight case from Tally Ho. It has pockets on both ends. I've had it close to a year now. Happy with it so...
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    Purdy Neat Stealth Bag

    Roller Blade Wheels I just took apart an old pair of roller blades to get to the wheels. When I went to take the broken wheel off the PNS bag, I found that the PNS wheels have a spacer. The spacer doesn't fit w/ the old roller blade wheels. Oh well, it was worth a try. I'm going through DTW...
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    Purdy Neat Stealth Bag

    AA broke in my brand new PNS Stealth Bag. I purchased one of these indistructable 26" crew bags. I use it for 15 days and it still looks brand new. I take one AA flight and get it back with the wheel snapped in half. Just got done looking at the Luggage Works web site for replacement wheels...
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    Funny stuff

    I can't get it out of my head!!! Thanks (o)(o). I've had this silly tune stuck in my head all day!!! CJ610
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    JetBlue emergency landing (merged)

    Bravo,Bravo Jet Blue Crew, Nice job getting the plane and passengers back down safely. CJ610
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    Funny stuff

    That is funny That was good. I got a kick out of it. CJ610