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    Travel Management, a danger to us all....

    Travel Management pilots are losers In 10 years when you say I don't make enough money where ever you are, think back to your Travel Management days and know you F'Ed up for us all
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    flight ops contract

    so in plain english, your contract pays 30 percent less than NETJETS. NOT GOOD, but better than before.
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    flight ops contract

    I see nothing or do I on your new pay scale in airlinepilotcentral. Did you get a raise or not??? Please post your new scales so we know. We do not need another XO jet if the check comes in the mail, number here for future pilots. Thanks
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    general mills

    I have a friend in msp who says his friend just got a job at general mills starting pay or 150k. I call B.S. on this. Can anyone help me out. The guy also was just a regional pilot for Mesaba
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    xo jet problems

    Problems or furloughs. I heard from a really good friend over there that they are giving guys the boot. I hate to see pilots losing jobs. Say it is not so
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    COMAIR pension

    skyboat is on drugs. Lets see, a Comair pilot retiring with more money than UPS. Yea right!!! That means like you said, you will have a salary of $445,000 35 years from now. Keep dreaming. Aslo you are thinking you are getting a average 7% return on all your investents into your 401k and...
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    regional vs. fractional?

    Frac daddy said, If you are at a good regional like Comair as a captain do not leave. Well I would expext nothing less from a about to go bankrupt flight options pilot. Sorry had to bash a flight options guy. I was a five year RJ captain at Comair and the job SUCKED. I hope you like small...
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    hey FO boys and some non united gals

    Look at this crap I get posted. It still did not answer my question. Frax stats is out of business for the time being. Hey acaterry tell gump that he owes me a good case of beer for all my help I gave him.
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    hey FO boys and some non united gals

    Please post a web site where net jets people can look at your payscale and ty to make it better for all of us. I only rip on you you guys at FO cause it is fun. Help me in my research!!!!
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    Ameristar Jet Charter

    worked there. Great time buildlind when the airlines were hiring. Other than that, my 23 year old self, at the time, it was crap and then some. I am lucky after being a regional captian on the rj then have a real job at netjets on the DA200
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    Netjets vs majors

    Yea Hellas If you knew money as well as you said you did, you would not be flying a Saab for 14k a year. Go pick on the Flight Options board, as you might actually have a "soon to be bankrupt" point with them. In the mean time, have fun working your second job to pay the rent , as I am sure...
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    Flight Options Update

    See ya in 5 years, whoops I thought I was on the netjets birkshire money boards and not the I just lost another 36 million FO board. Read all about it in the coming weeks in the avaiation mags.
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    Fractionals and furloughed pilots?

    Just called in today about this and yes you do need to resign your number to be a member of netjets. I had to with Comair and so goes the same with everyone else. They could care less if you came from some major airline as a layoff, as they know over 80% of these hires were pilots of who they...
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    Fractional Info...Flight Options or EJA

    WHO YOU KNOW AT NJA I, being a one year Netjets guy and former regional jet captain am sad about that we now are playing the who you know game. I was mad at United, being your dad has to work there or as we all know be a female or another minority. Delta, better have a family member or be...
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    Fractional Info...Flight Options or EJA

    In the last couple of months I have had too many FO and RTA pilots come to me with thier resume. I think that speaks the truth. When was the last time you heard a netjets guy ask a FO pilot for help getting a job. I WILL HELP YOU, NEVER.
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    Furlough at CCAir

    MESA SUCKS. Soon hopefulley Netjets will not fly on them again. learn how to wear a uniform and clean up a airplane and I might think nicer of you. Oh yea, it would be nice to have a good landing every now and then. Whenever you guys ask me to get a job at Netjets, I always say the same...
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    Midway guys in training at Comair

    you only have 1200 hours, therfore you should be flying frieght. Oh well that is why you make nothing at CoN AIR. Feel lucky they gave you a job cause they sure would not in todays times. Enjoy the Mcdonalds and red roof inns. Then again your 1000 hours is above that. Really I wish you the...
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    recalls by majors

    You guys also forgot that a lower paying RJ job is the future at all the majors. In other words do not think you are going to make 747 money any time soon as a RJ will be doing all the flying. Look at Delta, they are at almost 40% RJ flying for all of thier routes. I hate to say it, but this...
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    Flight Options vs. Executive Jet

    I guess we will see when you are out of work sometime soon and my pay is about 45k with my extra time in my first year. Do not bet my UNION contract is going to make you happy. You have to do that for ourself. Good luck and we will sign a contract that makes us the highest payed frac guys...
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    Flight Options vs. Executive Jet

    Flight Options pays more for now, but remember we are in union contract stuff right now. In other words, soon EJA will be the best paying frac by far with a union and give you job security that flight options can not. Flight options prior to sept 11 was in deep crap but are doing fine for the...