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  1. eaglepilot6

    TSA brilliance strikes again!

    Has anyone else seen this cr@p "news"? New security screening equipment installed at CVG, MSP, JAX, NEW, SRQ and TUL September 20, 2011. A new security screening device called AT2, or Advanced...
  2. eaglepilot6

    EMS career?

    Are there any fixed wing EMS operators that are comparable to an airline career in terms of pay/QOL? Anyone have info on MedCenter Air (Carolina's Medical Center)?
  3. eaglepilot6

    ATL Crashpad

    Atlanta Crashpad Room available in a furnished 3 BR / 2.5 bath townhouse in Smyrna, GA. 25 minutes to airport. Very close to many stores, restaurants, and nightlife in the Smyrna / Vinings area. Great location near many parks, running trails, and sidewalks. Extremely safe and secure Your own...
  4. eaglepilot6

    ATL Roommate or Crashpad

    ATL Roommate or Crashpad wanted Pilot roommate or crashpadder wanted to live in a furnished 3BR / 2.5 bath townhouse in Smyrna, GA. 25 minutes to the ATL airport, 10mins to Fulton Co. Roommate will have full size room at $550/mo. Crashpad will have private room, a little smaller than other 2...
  5. eaglepilot6

    ATL Crashpad needed

    I will be an intern for ASA during summer '06 and need a place to stay in the Atlanta area. Looking to spend $250 or less. I have a car but would like to keep the commute less than 15 minutes.