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  1. CooCooTim

    Frasca in Orlando
  2. CooCooTim

    question on a Jepp Symbol...

    atldc9, Special VFR weather minimums for fixed wing aircraft are not authorized within the lateral boundaries of the surface area. KSDF has the same too. It's in the front of the Jepps...
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    Freedom will set up in Orlando

    From the cover of a September 1983 AIR LINE PILOT magazine... "If unity at the national level is diluted, we would eventually face pilots giving away long-and-hard-fought-for gains that would eventually pit pilot group against pilot group." David L. Behncke, ALPA Founder 1931
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    Female Pilots and High Heels

    Hey Ralph, You need to get yourself a pair of fire engine Fun Feet slippers to wear up there on the flight deck. Both of you can do tip toe excercises together... And don't forget to make siren sounds like you're on your way to a fire while you're doing them too! Before you know it, you'll...
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    JetBlue Phase II Announcements

    Do newhire FO's at JetBlue get typed in the Airbus?
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    Who should I go work for.

    > Coocoo Tim, Great avatar!!! Where can I get the poster? < crashpad, I'm glad you like my self-portrait! I'm complimented on it all the time. I used to give away an autographed wall-size poster to all the women in my life - ya know, for the times I couldn't be there with them...but...
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    Who should I go work for.

    Did someone say fat girls? Deleted
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    Airline Seminar in PHX.
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    Any of you recognize this guy?

    I'm sure he'll be sporting the latest Binaca Blast collection
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    Getting A Dispatchers License

    LearLove, The following links should provide you with the info you need on how to obtain an Aircraft Dispatchers Certificate. Good Luck
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    CFI Programs

    cookmg, You might want to checkout as well... They operate out of KSNA. Good luck!
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    CFI Business Cards

    I was at an FBO in south Florida about a year ago and saw a CFI business card that said, " Flight Instructor Extraordinaire" on it. :eek:
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    Saddest week of my life

    CaptB, I'm sorry to hear about the trying time that you're going through. I agree with azpilot that this board shouldn't be your primary support system though, it could be a part of it. You "AND" your wife might find the following book helpful: "The Conflict Between Us is the Conflict Within...
  15. CooCooTim

    How many Krispy Kreme doughnuts?

    "Aw Man, I was really excited until I saw it was the 2001 calendar. When is the 2003 hitting the stands?" Slug, I don't know when the 2003 calender is available but, the suspense is killing me too!
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    How many Krispy Kreme doughnuts?

    Hey guys, check-out these Krispy Kremes! :eek:
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    Ever stop to think how lucky we are?

    I hear ya BigD! I've had a few of those days along the way...It's a nice feeling!
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    National Driver Register

    Twotter76, I just obtained my NDR report a couple of weeks ago. The following is an excerpt from the report: "For your information, State driver licensing officials are required to submit identification information on drivers whose licenses to operate a motor vehicle have been denied, revoked...
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    Overlapping airspace?

    I have never seen a "partial" overlapping of D by B, without the entire D ceiling being lowered to the level of the portion of D being overlapped (what a mouthful!!!). Do you have any example of class D with an "uneven" ceiling? I've never seen one. Timebuilder, Take a look at the current...
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    Janitrol heater question

    "I am sure it is also the right tank on the Seminole." Bobby, It draws fuel from the left tank.