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    Has anyone heard from Skyway lately with an interview date?
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    Training programs problems

    A few months ago i was hired as a fo for a regional. I had problems during training and consequently ended up leaving. I'm hoping that my life long goal has not been destroyed as a result of what happened. If there are any other pilots out there who have gone through a similar experience, and...
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    Mesa application question

    I have been trying to fill out the on-line application, but I can't seem to open up the document so that i can fill it out directly on line. I was wondering if any of you guys have had the same problem with the application. Is it better to print out the application and fill it out the old...
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    CommutAir New Hires (Part II)

    I wanted to know what life is like while going through ground school, at CommutAir. How long does it last? In which city does training take place in? Are you being paid, and if so, how much when you go through ground school? How many weeks is the ground school as compared to sims session...
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    CommutAir New Hires

    I have been thinking about applying to CommutAir, I finally got the minimum hours required. I wanted to know what is the best way to get my resume read at the company. Is it better that I fill out the on-line resume form, or should I mail/fax my resume in? If I do mail/fax it in, then is...
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    Looking for information on what it is like to Flight instruct at Tab express. What is the student to instructor ratio? How many flight hours do the instructors average a month? What is the pay like? Do the new instructor get to fly the Kingair or is there a senority system there? Any info...
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    failing out of new hirer training

    After failing out of a new hirer training program at a regional, I wanted to know what i should be doing to better prepare myself for the next training program. Is there still hope that i can get on with another company.