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    OT: Disturbing Article

    I found this article to be quite upsetting. Especially the part about France, Germany, and Belgium meeting to discuss strengthening their own militaries. I was already uncomfortable with the idea a united European economy with the sole purpose of countering the U.S. economy, but when they start...
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    CIA: Attack Imminent

    February 11, 2003 07:29 PM EST WASHINGTON - Intelligence information suggests al-Qaida attacks may occur as early as this week in both the United States and on the Arabian peninsula, CIA Director George J. Tenet told Congress on Tuesday. The information led to last week's raising of the...
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    To the ADMIN

    Something has got to be done about the discussions on RJDC, scope, wholly owned vs. contract carriers, etc. It is getting out of hand! You can't read through half of the threads here without retreading the same arguments from the same people. I am sick of it, even threads that start out...