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    Eclipse 500 Pay

    I know a small law firm that is planning on buying an Eclipse 500. One of the partners is a qualified pilot but they want someone else who can fly part time. They've asked if I am interested. When we talk money what should I tell them I am willing to work for. I'm not familiar with this side of...
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    Civilian Tankers

    Would any of you military guys with experience in this mission care to comment on the proposal that this mission be outsourced to civilian airlines? How hard/dangerous is it? Do you think it is viable? If you were a civilian pilot who's company did this what would you consider? Thanks
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    Logging time in Augmented Crews

    How do you guys log flight time when you are flying an augmented or heavy crew? Is it then entire block time or just time in seat? I not concerned about what goes into my logbook just don't want to violate any FARs.