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  1. freighthumper

    Power Helicopters? CRQ

    Anyone have any information/opinions about Power Helicopters in Carlsbad?
  2. freighthumper

    If the chinese can do it why cant we.. I think they are on to something here. If you cant have good service, you cant expand...imagine that. China tells airlines to reduce delays and improve service for the Olympics 14 hours ago BEIJING - China ordered...
  3. freighthumper

    Precision Jet Management?

    Does anyone have any information about Precision Jet Management based in Plattsburgh, NY? Saw they were looking for CE750 pilots, but have never heard of them. Any info would be great.
  4. freighthumper

    Trans Exec Info

    Can someone let me know(pm if you want) who the director of inflight service at Trans Exec is? If there isnt one, maybe who someone would address a flight attendant resume to? Thanks
  5. freighthumper

    Altitude deviations

    What is the altitude deviation at which ATC will query the flight crew?
  6. freighthumper

    Steenland on Today show The best part is where she asks him about the 1.4 billion in labor concessions while he got a 26.6 billion bonus.
  7. freighthumper

    Gulfstream checklist

    Doe anyone have,or know where I might be able to find a current GV and a G450 checklist online? Looking for official checklists from Gulfstream, not company revised stuff. Thanks
  8. freighthumper

    What to do in RJBB

    Anyone have any suggestions on things to do in Osaka, places to eat, see and such?
  9. freighthumper

    PDC via AFIS?

    Anyone know where exactly the message goes when you send away for a PDC, and who sends it back to you?
  10. freighthumper

    Wyvern qualification

    anyone know what the requirements are to be approved as a captain by wyvern?
  11. freighthumper

    EMB170 ?s

    Anyone know roughly what a 170 costs with standard equipment? Also how about range with a 45 min reserve assuming full tanks and half the seats filled(if # of pax are an issue there).
  12. freighthumper

    Principle Air?

    Has anyone ever heard of this company? Or know anything about it?
  13. freighthumper

    Corporate/Contract FA interviews ?s

    My wife has a corporate FA interview comming up next week. She is new to aviation, so she is unsure what to expect in the interview. Can anyone offer some suggestions, or give any insight to what sort of things would typically be asked in such an interview? Thanks
  14. freighthumper

    Corporate flight Att. ?s

    My wife is considering a job as a corporate flight attendent. Is there any corrent Corp. flight Atts. here that could help shed a little light onto what exactly they do on a day to day basis? Any insight you could give would realy help. Thanks
  15. freighthumper

    Skywest Domicile ?

    What are the chances of a new hire getting SLC as a base? If none, any ideas of long it would take to be senior enough to bid it? Thanks
  16. freighthumper

    AMF SJU?s

    Any AMF guys here that could give me the lowdown on schedules in SJU? Im thinking transfering there. No one in Cal. seems to really know what goes on down there. Thanks!
  17. freighthumper

    Aviation induced Ear injury and wrokers comp.

    Does anyone know if a ruptured ear drum caused by flying an upressurized airplane could be covered by workers comp? A freind of mine flew his BE99 with a cold the other day and messed his ear up.. Thanks!
  18. freighthumper

    Customs/Border Patrol Pilots

    Anyone have any info on when or how someone not currently employed by the department of customs apply for a pilot position with them? Thanks
  19. freighthumper

    separation on ILS/PMR app.

    Can anyone tell me what the minimum lateral separation is to 2 aircraft on a simultaneous close parallel approach?
  20. freighthumper

    QOL and Schedual at ASA?

    Can someone out there give me some info on the bid cycle/schedual(length and days off per cycle,length of trips etc.), and what kind of quality of life a junior guy at ASA might expect. Thanks