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    New Television Show

    Hello Everyone- I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this or not, however, I'm thinking about producing a TV show about cool jobs. One job that has been selected is a pilot. I'm not sure yet (as the show won't be produced for quite some time) if I want to focus on a airline pilot...
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    American Ski Jumper.....

    They said it on the air during the broadcast of the K90 SKi Jumping finals. The top American Ski Jumper, who is in his real early 20's said he wants to be a professional pilot. He finished in the top 10.
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    Do TV Networks/Stations

    Does anyone know if TV stations or networks have their own aviation department.
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    A few questions

    I was wondering how can someone get into the corporate flight industry. I want to do it over 4-5 years, since I will be going to college in August. Also, I don't have any time at this time. Thanx
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    I was wondering if you needed to get your CFI or MEI prior to recieveing a commerical liscense. Also, i read a lot about what you learn during your Private training, but what about commericial? Thanx for your help, maybe one day soon i will be flying up there with all ya.