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  1. ironwedge

    Age 60 - Where is it Now?

    Pretty good article posted at Airline Pilot Central about the status of Age 60 bills
  2. ironwedge

    Cool FedEx Video

    Cool video of a timelaspe radar track over Memphis during a FedEx bank (Sorry if this is a repost)
  3. ironwedge

    United Airlines Announces Major Aircraft Order

    United Airlines Announces Major Aircraft Order SHANGHAI, April 1, 2006 /PRNewswire/ – United Airlines, the Chicago, IL-based carrier (NASDAQ: UAUA) announced it has entered into agreements to acquire an additional 43 Boeing 777-family aircraft, with options for additional aircraft. The...
  4. ironwedge

    A380 - the penalties begin Looks like the delays in the 380 program are going to start costing Airbus some cash.
  5. ironwedge

    Pay Charts

    One of the features I really liked at the old was the pay rate comparisons. Looks like they took that idea a few steps further and now compare each fleet and seat. They do offer the discalimer that hourly rates are only part of overall compensation, but the rate comparisons...
  6. ironwedge

    Regional Pay Comparisons Looks like APC is pumping out more pay comparison charts.... One question though, doesn't ExpressJet operate EMB 140/145's?
  7. ironwedge

    EMB 140 vs. EMB 145?

    Is there a major difference between these two aircraft? Also, is there a pay difference for those who operate them? Thanks! The RJ illiterate.
  8. ironwedge

    CAL outsourcing

    RELAX..... I'm just looking for the .MP3 Anyone know where to find the CAL outsourcing audio file?
  9. ironwedge

    A300 Pay Comparisons

    I've been waiting for the pay comparison charts at Airline Pilot Pay, and now it looks like they're close to launching a comparison for "every fleet and seat". The file is too big and they could include more info, but overall it's a pretty cool idea. Details...
  10. ironwedge

    SWA Muzak Scroll down to the "APC Radio" at the bottom of the page & press play.
  11. ironwedge

    SKYLINK privacy threat

    Skylink airlines is a new entrant to the Atlantic market that plans to use 767/757 aircraft. They currently are taking applications online although there appears to be a technical problem with the web application. It seems that they...
  12. ironwedge

    PFT rears it's head again

    I was just reading this thread at APC and it seems PFT is alive and well. The allure of an airline career is easy to romanticize, although to the tune of $70K-$80K I don't think these guys know what they are in for. I'm sure these young aviators could use a reality check...
  13. ironwedge

    UAL's 1.1 BILLION Q1 loss

    Oh no! The sky is falling..... Anyone else catch the last line... "... The Elk Grove Village, Illinois-based airline's cash balance increased by $167 million to $2.3 billion, with $885 million of that restricted..." Friggin'...
  14. ironwedge

    Rono Dutta blames UAL Pilots

    Some things never change. If you want to know what Rono had for lunch and other spewage - read this. NEWS STORY Memorable quotes: "...I ask him what forced him to quit the hot seat in UA and why did he fail to turn it around? Dutta blames it on labour. He says he put together a scheme to...
  15. ironwedge

    737 Captains - pt. deux

    Looks like APC is listening, they revised the 737 Captain Charts to include monthly guarantee - and added a comparison calculator. Pretty cool & the price is right. Kit's gotta LOVE this.
  16. ironwedge

    Lion: 1 (42) Midgets:0

    OK, what happens when 42 Midgets try to fight an African Lion? Darwin would be proud.
  17. ironwedge

    Cargo - Widebody Pay Comparisons

    The same link at APC that was 737 Capt pay yesterday is now "Cargo Airline Widebody Pay Comparison: Captains". Wonder why they can't all of them posted? This one is has monthly guarantees, longevity steps, hour rate comparisons, and monthly pay based on guarantees. Pretty friggin cool...
  18. ironwedge

    737 Captain Pay Comparison

    Cool new chart over at Airline Pilot Central: it's an hourly pay rate comparison for 737 captians for North American airlines. Who would have thought that Kitty Hawk pilots would be near the top of the list (no offense, just didn't expect that). Also, even with the beating that Alaska pilot's...
  19. ironwedge

    Alaska MEC Chairman's message Text of the MEC's message to the Alaska pilots
  20. ironwedge

    Extreme Skydiving!

    This looks like a must own video - WOW! Requires Flashplayer version 7, AND a high speed connection.