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    LaserGrade for United?

    Lasergrade Butafucco-- Any clues as to preparing? Is it a tech thing or some kind of cognitive skills test that you can't do much for? message me if you prefer. Thanks!
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    Anyone else get a phone call from United today?

    same letter Hey guys, I got the same email after the assessment, but before the "call us" email. I think it was just an auto reply, saying to not bother them.
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    Anyone else get a phone call from United today?

    The email Hi folks, I got the email last Wed 7/25 for the online assessment, which I did that night. Sun I received email #2 to call and schedule a phone screening. I did that today, 7/30. No surprises, they walked through the basics of the online app to verify and clarify the responses...
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    NWA hiring window

    General Redneck, You obviously have envy issues. If you haven't noticed, there are more than single seat jets in our air force's inventory. There are a few bucketheads with big mouths out there, but they do not represent the whole military aviation community.
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    SWA Interview Gouge

    Any examples on the LOI scenarios?
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    SWA Interview Gouge

    Anybody have any new intel on the SWA interview?
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    1000 PIC in the DHC6 = Southwest FO

    For what its worth, I just finished my type at HPA in Dallas. SWA People Dept came and spoke to us there and said that no walk-in resumes are being accepted, period. She said they pull a list from the computer, screening for only the type rating and a minimum of a 2 year degree. Then they are...
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    Proposed UPS class dates and numbers...

    The team was the same except there was an HR person (in training, I think) added to the face-to-face, and a DC-8 Captain there instead of the guy from the sim.
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    Proposed UPS class dates and numbers...

    I too was in the pool for 3 years, re-interviewed with almost 1500 more heavy jet hours, and was sent packing! I have lost my trust in UPS and am gladly looking elsewhere now.
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    UPS Poolies and futre pilots

    Not sure of their intentions, but when called, I was told my interview time and my sim time. Maybe chance, but the sim comes firsst, probably in the A300 sim.
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    UPS Contract

    Pool Have you any any other poolies called in to HR lately? It's been a long while since I have called or updated, since over a year ago I was told, "we'll contact you for an update if we need one." I have been thinking about making the call, but thought I'd see if anyone else has.
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    UPS Hiring!!!?????

    Have any of the poolies called HR lately? I haven't talked to them since Feb 03, when they informed me that the recruiting personnel were reassigned and that our files were in storage. She said then that the company would call if they needed an update (instead of me sending one every 6 months).
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    UPS "Cancels" Furlough

    Have any poolies called HR lately?
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    Big Brown

    yep They said at least 6 months, but they don't expect any hiring this year She was kind of guessing at teh timeline, but she checked with someone else in the office and they are the ones who said to hold on to my updates until asked for them
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    medical question

    Anyone have info on medical conditions that could result in not being hired by the majors? Of particular concern is kidney stones and cholesterol. would being on maintenance meds for lowering cholesterol be worse than high cholesterol?
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    Big Brown

    recruiting closed I called last week to inquire about updating my info for the pool, but they told me to just hang on to it. The reason was that the recruiting office was closed and all their files where put into storage. I think '04 is a pretty likely scenario. I can only hope that they...
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    UPS!?! Any ideas on new hires??

    Still in the UPS pool and no word from Brown. A little leak from HR would be nice--maybe more than 1 time a year. If any of you has heard anything substantial, please respond. Thanks!
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    UPS Hiring??

    Bestdad- I am still swimming too, since last Sept. No news here either. My guess is that they would even consider hiring pilots until they are through with the teamster contract. Money magazine is of the opinion that it will be signed at the end of July, right at the deadline. An article in...
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    UPS Lifestyle

    Just curious if anyone with Brown can share some info on the typical new guy schedule. How much reserve, length of trips, and how are the days off usually grouped? How about commuting? I have heard positive things on it (especially compared to the other majors). Just dreaming...! Thanks.
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    UPS Pool Update!

    Hey all fellow poolies. I need some advice. I was finally doing my update that the company mailed us and I actually read the fine print. I was more conservative when I applied and did not use the sole manipulator rule to do my times. If I were to redo them now, possibly with a letter...