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  1. whaleroast

    What's left from pre-merger 9E airlines?

    ******************** 9e. And I work there. I hope it gets a bullet soon
  2. whaleroast

    Big Announcement this week in Bankruptcy

    I'll take a hit off that too bro.
  3. whaleroast

    Pinnacle is in deep, holy cow

    Plain and simple it's time to leave pinnacle. Preferably at an out station after writing up about 20 non deferrable items. Let deltas figure out how to get their pax from point a to one of their ********************ty hellhole hubs. ******************** it.
  4. whaleroast

    Pinnacle and Cancelled flights

    None of the delays had anything to do with computer issues. Pinnacle is making a stand for our brothers at Comair. ALPA united!
  5. whaleroast

    Memphis dead...Sorry 9E

    Amen brother
  6. whaleroast

    DAL 737 runs off taxiway in ATL

    The Southwest guys should make a subtle mention of the grounded airplane as they pass it. Couldn't have happened to a more humble airline and in their hub. ******************** Delta
  7. whaleroast

    MKE Incident... first it was Pinnacle, now it's Mesaba

    Bri, Mesaba mx isn't perfect and I will say those guys XJ have in lga have no idea what they are doing or they don't care considering the situation. And the pilots aren't doing much better. I don't know what the deal is but (for example) when they can't do the proper mx procedure (like collar...
  8. whaleroast

    pilot sentenced for being drunk

    I agree with this poster. I feel bad for this guy maybe because I am a drunk but as a captain I would never throw a guy under the bus like that. Come to jesus talk, call in sick in isnt that hard to defuse this situation. CA sounds like a giant ******************************bag to me. I...
  9. whaleroast

    PinnaColaba's realignment this week!

    "This week"
  10. whaleroast

    Pure rumor about Pinnacle.

    Seeeeeee yaaaaaaa!!!!!!
  11. whaleroast

    Annoying things your CA/FO does, 2011 version

    Anybody that can't make papa landing on 4 in Lga in a turboprop.
  12. whaleroast

    Mesaba LGA Saabs' future???

    From what I undestand its all risk flying for xj out of lga. I dont know what the future of it is after we get through this year. With deltas pulling all the saab flying the company has been trying to find a place for the saab by shopping it around to other carriers. The company is spending alot...
  13. whaleroast

    Pinch a Nickle doomed...why Phil quit?

    Trumps vp.
  14. whaleroast

    Indian Pilots Boozing!
  15. whaleroast

    Compass move to STL

    I will respond with help from my iPod: Billy Preston said it best nothing from nothing means nothing if you want to be with me. Got to have something to be with me. Sublime sang the answer is always waiting at the liqour store and I am not going back because a 40 oz to freedom makes me feel good...
  16. whaleroast

    The real plan mgmt has for the future at Pinnacle

    I think a good topic of discussion should be the better theme song: One Day at a Time or The Fall Guy. Pat Harrington is the best hair dryer guy but the fall guy theme song kicked ass.
  17. whaleroast


    Not to beat a dead horse and all that crap but Cleveland sucks
  18. whaleroast

    Michael Roberts

    A bad post.
  19. whaleroast

    Adam Carolla rant on Alaska

    Anyone else ever catch the "Daves of Thunder" podcast with Dave Dameshek? A good way to kill an hour of time and entertaining too.
  20. whaleroast

    Severe Turbulence on Albany-Bound Plane Injures Fliers

    It was a crappy day in upstate on Saturday. My staked jap maple went down, got tossed destroyed and littered across six yards. Lost power for hours. On the upside I got caught up on my Tim Conway Jr. Show Podcasts. What The Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say? is the best hour of radio you will hear...