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  1. svcta

    Knowles Car Rental on Eleuthera

    Just a heads up to all you travelers to stay away from the Knowles Car Rental company, or Clinton Knowles, or Tanya Knowles, or Tavares Knowles, or Sabal Palm Car Rental Co, or whatever they call themselves. I just spent a week on Eleuthera on a vacation that was punctuated by my spending two...
  2. svcta

    Southeast destination..

    Hey gang, I'm looking for a new place to go in the Southeast (generally) for a weekend trip. I was thinking Savannah or Charleston or New Orleans but I feel like I have done most of the things at these places for just a weekend's worth of fun; apart from exercising my liver. Anyone got...
  3. svcta

    Collings W.O.F. Tour 2013

    Hey, all, I'll be flying the Collings Foundation's C model P-51 for a few stops after the tour starts on Jan 18. I'll be on in Sebring, Zephyrhills, Sarasota, Venice, and making the move in to Ft. Meyers. Hit for the tour schedule, come say hello or go for a ride...
  4. svcta

    Anyone in Austin area?

    I'll be moving a C model P-51 in to Fredricksburg (sp?), Tx tomorrow ( Friday, March 23) and will be there all weekend. Come get a ride in the Mustang or a bomber! Or just say hello and look at cool airplanes! Ask for the Mustang pilot if you want to see a sunburned, unshaven, possibly...
  5. svcta

    "Verify you have ATIS..."

    Okay, for years and years whenever you first called Clearance, Ground, or Approach and you gave the ATIS that you had it was heard by the controller and we moved on. Foe the last year or so it seems that has changed. For example, I had a few trips in one day last week where every single...
  6. svcta

    Great Ga. Airshow

    Anyone going to be at KFFC tomorrow (10-08) for the airshow?
  7. svcta

    O-2 info...

    Hey, gang, going to pick up an O-2 next week for a buyer. Sound airplane, fresh annual, etc. Any specific advice from anyone with experience in these?
  8. svcta

    Will be Chigago with the Mustang

    Going to be in the Chigagoland area all week starting tomorrow (Friday, July 22) flying the Mustang for the Collings Foundation. PWK all weekend. I think there are some of you around here from that area. Come and say hello!
  9. svcta

    Experimental warbird to the Bahamas

    Does anyone know the rules about taking an Experimental/Exhibition category warbird, in this case an O-2, to the Bahamas or Turks and Caicos, etc.? I've found blanket permission for Experimental-amateur built, but that's not really the same. Thanks for any insight.
  10. svcta

    Navajo or Baron-thoughts?

    Hey all, A friend is interested in purchasing an airplane. He is not a pilot, but wants to have access to an airplane that can be used for family trips and the occasional biz. travel (but mostly for personal use). We narrowed down on a B-58 in the first round of discussion, mainly because...
  11. svcta

    Citation X positions, PIT

    Okay, so this came along through an unrelated network....I know NOTHING about it other than what it below, but I figured I'd pass it along...Again: I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT, so don't shoot the messenger. :) Capt and FO for Citation X (C750) schedule TBA Citation X rating preferred but not...
  12. svcta

    Who has ATL domiciles?

    Hey gang, I was wondering if anyone could give me a list of regional carriers that had bases at ATL. Thanks!
  13. svcta


    Hey, all, Considering a trip to Nicaragua for a week next year. Just started really looking in to things a day or two ago and was curious to see if anyone around here had experience with it. I'm looking at San Juan Del Sur area or south of there (to just North of Costa Rica. ) Anyone got...
  14. svcta

    Max # of seats...

    Hey, all, I've been searching around and can't seem to find it: Is there a max number of seats designated in the type certification of transport category aircraft? Or any other category for that matter? Thanks!
  15. svcta

    Placarding, "NX" registration

    Can anyone help me with a question about placarding an "Experimental/Exhibition" category airplane? I seem to remember from my early days that having a "NX" registration, such as "NX1234A" could take the place of an "EXPERIMENTAL" decal on the airplane. This ring a bell with anyone else?
  16. svcta

    good week

    In a strange turn of events I got to fly a Mustang this week for the first time. Since I was a kid I, like all of us, have looked to that as near the top of my list of planes that I have aspired to fly; More so since I came out of the T-6 and into the -28. Lately because I have had such great...
  17. svcta

    Helmets, ANR, CEP

    Hey, gang, I'm ordering a new helmet (HGU55) and I've arranged an ANR headset install on it, but I have a question for anyone who can answer. Does anyone have experience with a CEP (Comm. & Ear Protection) system? It looks like it's nearly identical to the Clarity Aloft headset that I use...
  18. svcta

    Where do they deice at ATL?

    Never had to do it there. Curious where winter morning deicing gets done when it needs to be done. Thanks for the info!
  19. svcta

    Biz Aircraft stats

    I've been looking around on NBAA's site and can't find any kind of report that indicates the types and numbers of business aircraft in operation. Does anyone have a line on such a report? Does it even exist? Something that would say, for example, how many of each type of bizjet are in...
  20. svcta

    Large Jet Charter ?

    Hey, gang, I'm looking into arranging a large jet charter for an old employer. He's looking for either a 737 or 757. I have a few questions to ask regarding configuration and things of that nature. Can anyone direct me to a good operator? Thanks!