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    Bad news for AF guys

    New stop-loss message out and no 11 series on there. I wish we could go break things and kill people and get it over with. Boots
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    Your heart has to be in it

    I hope to retire soon after 22 years in the military and hope to keep flying until I kick the bucket. I have my fingers crossed that the Air Force will release me and my number at comes up at SWA before they quit hiring. If you are asking the question whether flying is just a job, it probably...
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    Jet Blue Updated online app

    Jet Blue's pilot notice for the online app now says it will be operational the first week of March. Knock off the stop-loss already. hiflier
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    Got the thumbs up from SWA

    Jennifer called Friday to say I got hired. Interviewed 23 Oct 01. Will retire from the AF in Sep and available 1 July hopefully. Has anyone else heard yet that interviewed in Oct? Boots
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    Got a Call from SWA today

    I interviewed on 23 Oct and had a message on my answering machine today from Jennifer McCallion. She said I did well on the board but they had a couple of small things I needed to do to move forward. Not sure what that meant but the tone sounded positive. I returned her call but only got the...