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  1. flywest

    so what happened in CLT the other day?

    So I think the genesis can be traced back to Lumbergh. "So if you could be here around 9 that would be great, mmmk"
  2. flywest

    Keep the Faith

    The recall tremors are continuing....
  3. flywest

    Nov 1st NJA? whats up???

    Netjets sent you an official recall notice?
  4. flywest


    I use avperdiem...pick up the app for 4.99 and away you go. for more info.
  5. flywest

    Netjets "newhire to captain" timeframe??

    I think he means: if he doesn't get ANY MORE premium pay, he will hit 90k. Already got the OT and extended days to hit that mark for the year.
  6. flywest

    Guppy killer sticker?????

    I don't believe his "hey, I heard . . . " BS. Did anyone take a look at the 208starcheck's flight bag?? Maybe he has one of those "guppy killer" stickers and he is just checking around to see if someone is really gonna kick his ass. I think this guy needs a serious beat down for not manning...
  7. flywest

    Voluntary Furlough?

    In my state, employers can make the employees pay a share of that premium - typically 25% or so. It is up to the employer if they want to dock the employee's check or not.
  8. flywest

    NJ App accepted

    Just curious, do you guys have any internal LORs?
  9. flywest

    Smaller range a/c at NetJets QOL

    I'm on the Ultra and we definately don't work as hard as we used to. That airplane always seems to break at least once a tour, so if you are the type that needs to be on the "go" all the time, steer clear. For those that like some "FBO & Hotel Appreciation" time, then come on over! That...
  10. flywest

    NJA upgrade time

    FYI - Most recent junior captain bid was for the Encore+ and went to someone with a 4/2005 hire date. Upgrades are at 3 years and increasing.
  11. flywest

    Netjets 1st year pay

    I just wanted to add in my .02 here for people trying to calculate what they are going to make. Plan on trying to get by on just your base pay, and not much more. If you get more than that, then great. What RedEye has posted above is true for the vast majority of the pilots here, but there...
  12. flywest

    Potential NetJets applicant, questions

    Don't know about the four year degree, but it looks like you meet the minimums, so send it in! People have been hired with a lot less time than yours.
  13. flywest

    Netjets Hawker 4000s - How Many Before End of 2008?

    I thought NJE just negotiated the accelerated delivery of 4 Hawker 4000's for this year. Maybe they are taking all of NJA's?
  14. flywest

    Netjets Question...

    Sadly, I can confirm this as true . . . I have flown with this guy as well. I feel bad for the guys that get paired up with people like this on a regular basis. I don't think I could make it a full 7 days with him! He is definately in the minority though, as most guys I have flown really...
  15. flywest

    TSA and Fracs

    At Netjets we have been told numerous times by the company that we are not supposed to be given any special treatment at the checkpoints. We are just pax. For the most part, the screeners are pretty good about treating us like a normal crew member, but of course some airports are worse than...
  16. flywest

    NJ Bases?

    Yep. Live wherever you want, and show up for work in one of the 100 bases!
  17. flywest

    Netjets - The final stop?

    Props for putting your family first and making the best decision for you and yours. Welcome aboard! Look forward to meeting you out on the line.
  18. flywest

    What is 7 on 7 off really like?

    I would say the vast majority of overnights have 10-14 hours of rest so there usually isn't a whole lot of time to go sightseeing during a normal overnight. What I have found is that if you are paired up with a flying partner who goes home a day or two before you do, you are more likely to get...
  19. flywest

    What happened with the UPS pilot arrested?

    Here is the latest and greatest from the local paper following the story:
  20. flywest

    NETJETS Interview

    Actually I was that guy who wore the suit to the Airnet interview, and so did the two other guys in my interview group. Funny . . . all three of us got offered jobs there. To the original poster - follow the advice of others on this thread and dress up. It is similar to going out in cold...