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    Skywest Minneapolis

    Been out of aviation for a few years due to a furlough. Considering coming back, how senior is Skywest seniority in MSP?
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    NJ 6 month Turndown

    I just got word today that I was not accepted for a reinterview for my 6 month reapp. I guess my initial was worse then I thought.
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    Customer Disservices?

    I know of multiple customer disservices at my own company, but I am curious is it just my own company that is screwing up so badly or do all the Fractionals screw the passengers?
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    Type rating SOE limtation removal

    I talked with the local FSDO and they were unable to answer this question. I was origianally typed in a airplane that required a SOE limitation, I know the easy way is to have someone sign off saying you were properly flying the airplane for 25 hours to have the limitation removed. Since I...
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    Understanding 135.247

    I just need some reassurance, does this reg say that as long as I have been trained in the simulator at Simuflite. I am night current for the next 12 months. Meeting the fact I have 15 hours in the past 90 days.
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    Is NWA in Bankruptcy? Kind of sad that the company is in Bankruptcy yet they have enough money to do this.
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    pilot uniforms

    I need to start looking at getting new pilot uniform, does anyone have recommendations of where to order from?
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    Flops, CS and Flex reaction

    Curious if anyone knows what the other companies are thinking with Netjets proprosed TA going around?
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    MAIR Holdings filing Bankruptcy

    Mesaba parent filing Bankruptcy Sounds like Mesaba is in even worse shape after today. Mesaba parent considering bankruptcy Updated: 10/07/2005 09:50:37 AM
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    NWA flight leaves 43 hours late

    A Northwest Airlines flight that was scheduled to leave from Minneapolis for Tokyo on Thursday afternoon is finally on its way -- but its passengers still have one more delay ahead of them. Northwest spokeswoman Jennifer Bagdade (BAG-dad) says the plane took off at 10:04 this morning. It...
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    Getting Based in ATL

    Looking at the merger with Skywest and ASA, if I was wanting to be based out of ATL what has the better chances of getting that base? ASA or Skywest
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    CHQ Pilots??

    I'm new to the Regional concept, and am thinking about throwing my flag in on the freight side and going to CHQ. I am curious on a few questions, currently I am living in GA and am seeing the closest domicile is in Nashville. Is there any restrictions on how far away you can comute to your...
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    CFI logging landings

    I stopped by a flight school the other day, and over heard a conversation about a instructor telling his student that he logs all of his students landings. I didn't feel comfortable to step in on the conversation but it sounded like the student knew more what was going on with then the...
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    Airtran dropping 121 mins

    I had heard from a inside person, that Airtran is going to be dropping the 500 hours of part 121.
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    Logging time SIC

    Ive been looking for this for the past few days, can anyone lead me in the right direction. I know you cant log the landings being a PNF since you arenet the sole manipulator. But can a SIC PNF log IMC and the approaches the PIC flies, since you are a required crewmember?
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    Netjets Airplane qualified

    I read a post earlier about someone was saying that Netjets mentioned that when he was hired he was qualified for all the airplanes. I am curious, does Netjets have different qualifications for each airplane i.e. time requirements. Or is it what airplanes are available at your class date?
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    135 flight times

    I understand the restriction of the 500, 800 & 1400 flight hour limitations for 135. As of the 1400 for the calender year, does this consist of Jan. to Dec. or would you consider for example current March of 2004 to April 30 2005?
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    KH pilots

    Any KH pilots on that I can pm?
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    Jetblue ranked #1 Whats funny is to see that the mishandled bags is a steady increase the further you go down the list then jumps from 10.66 to 14.49 from comair to asa
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    UPS & Fedex avg new hires

    What is the time averages on the new hires for Fedex and UPS?