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    $510 Million 1st quarter loss UAL

    First Quarter 2002: Net loss: UAL $510 mil vs. AMR $575 mil Operating loss: UAL $711 mil vs. AMR $729 mil Cash on hand 3/31: UAL $2.9 bil vs AMR $2.3 bil Operating expense per asm: UAL 11.41 vs AMR 11.30 Winter 2001 had major paper write downs on aircraft valuations (over 1 billion). It is...
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    $510 Million 1st quarter loss UAL

    Nimtz, Don't worry. I'm smarter than you.
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    ASA clears flightsafety pool.

    I have more of a problem with ATA and their completely unethical business practices. They continued advertising for several months, in magazines like Flying, ASA as a bridge airline when ASA had pulled the plug on them and their program for poor quality. In addition, with several students they...
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    $510 Million 1st quarter loss UAL

    Look at the numbers. American lost more and has less cash on hand. They'd be the first to go, but: None of the top 4 will go bankrupt.
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    Frontier info

    Excellent training. A good bunch of guys and the training department is not the "gotcha" kind. They do all their training with in-house instructors, using United sims at TK in Denver. Slow hiring and a great company to work for. Rumors of international expansion to Mexico and Canada.
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    Odd callsigns...revisited

    Who is "Kansas"?
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    Jumpseat to Sydney Australia

    OMC = (think) Observing Member of Crew ie, UALspeak for jumpseat. Ask the ticket agent to OMC rather than jumpseat and they understand better. Similar to UAL C/L/R which = everyone's CRM No worries.
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    UAL hiring ???

    "I've seen no shyness from some of those willing to pick up (AND JUSTIFY) extra time." The SSC has reported that last month less than 50 hours of overtime was picked up throughout the entire system. That's 2/3 of a pilot on the street, but when you consider 9500 some pilots, this is still a...
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    ACA to buy Air Wisconsin !?!

    ORD-ATL, ATL-IAD? Is that true? Are you guys taking over United mainline service, or supplementing?
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    Additional UAL Pilot Furloughs today

    A Lorenzo fan? A SCAB is a SCAB FOREVER. Do not be fooled by whomever this CAL ja may be, your actions will NOT be forgotten by rEAL pilots. (Who have constantly been given preferential hiring since the SCABs have slowly been flushed out of UAL flight ops. with 6 billion of ESOP money)...
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    ASA route quick reference sheet

    O2, if memory serves I suggest you poke around and ask some ATR folk in a corner. I'll bet you beers they have one in their bag. They might also explain how you go GNV direct in the ATR. (Something like "Let's see, that looks like the prison down there, we better come 10 left. . .) But have...
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    Info on Clay Lacy Aviation

    ***Censored*** is a SCAB!!! Like any SCAB, he will do whatever it takes to turn your back so that he can put a knife in it. The story of this SCABs ability to lie is entertaining, and illustrative of the lengths to which any SCAB will go to STEAL YOUR JOB! When told he had to retire...
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    EJA & FSI deal...

    FSI = Berkshire Hathaway EJA = Berkshire Hathaway Odds of Berkshire Hathaway starting an indoc program at FSI Academy to create profits with the promise of moving low time pilots to EJA where they can do type ratings at FSI training centers all over the country owned by Berkshire Hathaway? You...
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    Question for UAL Guys...................

    Response to Flying Sig The grievance on SJs and the 124 is being held in abeyance until March, in return for no furloughs in Jan and Feb. Hopefully things will start to settle down and some real fleet planning will take place in the meantime. The info on the Delta passes is appreciated. UAL...
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    Question for UAL Guys...................

    Short Courses and Retirements. Bear in mind that 100 new hires requires a lot more capacity than re-quals and short courses. Haven't heard anything on many people taking early outs. Projected 2002 retirements are 360 (don't know if that includes 20% for herpes or not, some figures do, some...