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    Ross Perot charter company?

    Peregrine Point is a new charter airline in Texas Peregrine Point (Dallas-Love Field) is a new charter airline forming in Texas. It intends to start charter in February with a Gulfstream G450. It is building a new hangar and base at Alliance Airport near Ft. Worth and will move there in...
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    DFW Flying Clubs/ Flight Schools

    Thank you. I'll look into both.
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    DFW Flying Clubs/ Flight Schools

    Anyone know of any Flying Clubs/Schools/Partnerships north of DFW that allow members to keep planes overnight without exorbitant nonusage fees? Preferred airports: ADS, TKI, 52F, AFW. Thanks in advance, have a good weekend everyone.
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    Cool places to live in Dallas?

    She reminds me of an oompa loompa and Charlie don't want anything to do with that Chocolate Factory! Besides she still pissed about being asked to jump out of a cupcake for my b-day.
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    Cool places to live in Dallas?

    Katy Trail is where you want to be. It starts downtown and runs over old rail lines through Uptown, Turtle Creek, Knox-Henderson and SMU. Currently its about 4 miles but the plan is to make it a bicycle "highway" and have it connect with the White Rock Lake Trail for a total of 20+ miles of...
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    Cool places to live in Dallas?

    Yea, I'd still hit it. :pimp:
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    Bees clog passenger jet engine

    It's true. Here's the video:
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    EMB170 ?s

    E190-100 $33M Max fuel 28,377 Payload w/ Max fuel 24,049 1st hr 4500#, 2nd 4000# @ 425 Kts
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    EMB170 ?s

    ERJ 170-100 $27.5M 170-200 $30M 170-100/200 Max Fuel 20,576 Payload w/ Max Fuel -100 12,514, -200 14,367 Dont have range data but it looks like first hour fuel burn is around 3500 and 3000 2nd. BFL Max Gross SL ISA 5,217 5000 ft +20C 10,755 How u been FH, G4 life treating you good?
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    Lear/Hawker FO

    Charter LR35 FO Average $41K (High 48K, Low 32K) Hawker 600/700 FO Avg $46K (34, 54) I would guess cost of living in NE is much higher than these Nationwide averages also.
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    Positive changes at Ameristar

    Saved you a post. Just having some fun with ya. (: Definately a change for the better.
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    How low will your Regional go?

    I can't wait for the day when the regionals hire the last cfi and wonder why there are no more applicants!
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    Regional Airlines hiring non citzen, green card holders?

    Sim time, there's your problem. ERAU alumni myself. No matter what ERAU/Flight Safety tells you, sim time should be logged as such. It doesnt matter what Level or Reg they can quote. The airline apps are looking for actual flight time. PS do not put a 757/767 column on your resume when...
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    This is why RJ Pilots are given no respect

    Baseball Airlines Analogy Majors/Big Leagues-Get to play in Yankees Stadium, all suffer from Barry Bonds swollen head syndrum. Regionals/Minor Leagues-Belong in the big leagues by now, just ask them. Corporate/Japanese League-Utility players can hit, field, and run; small penises...
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    Ameristar info

    #= Anyway, congrats on the new job. Glad it worked out for ya.
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    Ameristar info

    Weren't you top 5 seniority when YOU got fired?? Just saying, it must not have been that bad. BTW my monies on Kamikaize--he's gotta have like 125 #s on you!
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    Dallas/Fort Worth area/Oklahoma City

    Here's some 135 ops for DFW/OKC: Ameriflight, Ameristar, Cherry Air, Regal Aviation, Regal Aviation, North Dallas Aviation, Aero Charter Transport, Jetride (Airnet), Martinaire, Omni, Addison Jet Management (Imaginaire), Paragon. I'm not sure of the hiring status at these places but you...
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    Question for AirNow pilots

    My experience was the same as FH. Maintenance can't fix what they don't know about. Typical 135 ops--MEL something and work it back to a base. No violations there.
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    Managing a Stock Room

    After about 3 cold-hot-cold cycles beer starts to taste bad, well at least not good enough for the passengers. Take this home and place in front of the refrigerator for your cheapas$ friends to enjoy, while hiding the good beer in the vegetable crisper.
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    Simuflite Right Seat Program

    Here's a thread about it from a while back: I did it a few years ago, feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Take care.