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  1. A1FlyBoy

    Additional Income?

    Chicago & Suburbs... focusing on anything with commercial,industrial, or residental properties
  2. A1FlyBoy

    Additional Income?

    I just got my real estate license and am looking for some recommendations from other licensees on ways to generate additional income in addition to my regular job. I am not looking to sell houses, but along the lines of consulting, document preparation, etc. If you have established a website...
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    Piper Twin Down In Big Bear?

    It's not a Maxima, it's a Mustang... and dang.. the ragtop is in tact.
  4. A1FlyBoy

    New TSA Screening Device
  5. A1FlyBoy

    Explosives K9 alerts on 2 bags from Nigeria in Delta Cargo at Logan

    I heard that dogs can't sniff out 'all' types of explosives.. just sayin...
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    Reduced power takeoffs in an ATR?

    uh.... deleted
  7. A1FlyBoy

    G-IV overrun CYQX

    Like A G6 - Hook Poppin bottles in the ice like a blizzard When we drink we do it right gettin slizzard
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    BA is upset...

    LONDON (AP) — The United States is making excessive demands for airline passenger screening, including measures it doesn't require on U.S. domestic flights, the chairman of British Airways says. Martin Broughton complained specifically about separate checks of laptop computers and forcing...
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    Attention SWA pilots.....

    AT should have sprung and gotten a hotter model... this one looks like she has mono... also, the guy across the aisle could be reading MAXIM or something
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    Express Jet Pilot says "NO" to scanner

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (CBS/AP) — A Tennessee pilot who says he’s tired of being manhandled by security agents is waiting to see if he will lose his job because he refused a full body scan. ExpressJet Airlines first officer Michael Roberts was chosen for the X-ray scan Friday at Memphis International...
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    Capt. Cronin ( UAL Flight 811 ) RIP

    Hero pilot of United Flight 811 dies at age 81 By Gregg K. Kakesako POSTED: 12:37 p.m. HST David Cronin, the hero pilot who successfully landed a crippled United Airlines Boeing 747 in Honolulu 21 years ago, died Monday at his home in Minden, Nev. He was 81. Cronin was the captain on...
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    Are Airtran Pilots "Nurses" Now?

    most nurses (ie: nurse practitioners, urban areas) make six figures.
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    Mesa Pilots ZZzzzzz

    Shhhh! Your pilot is napping A little sleep in the cockpit might be good for safety; do you mind if your pilot nods off? By Tessa Muggeridge News21 updated 9/27/2010 5:46:15 AM ET In 2008, two Mesa Airlines pilots flew 25 nautical miles past their destination in Hilo...
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    Question About Family Safety While You're Gone

    FYI... Alarm companies wont' 'sell' you a yard sign unless you are a paying customer. Don't waste your time or money on buying a 'bogus' alarm sign online from a fake company. Criminals know alarm companies in your area and will know if it is bogus. As Stiffer's Mom receommended, take a yard...
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    Fort Lauderdale FLL

    sayrejm, the avatar looks like she has the squirts... how about another? Perhaps this:
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    Anyone seen that new SWA TV commercial about pulling over a plane?

    I still like the 'bags fly free' rap
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    I've never seen this at ASA

    a HOT F/A????
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    Cargo plane down in dubai

  19. A1FlyBoy

    'Traumatized' passenger sues AA

    Lawsuit filed over emergency landing at O'Hare September 1, 2010 2:06 PM | No Comments A woman is suing American Airlines, saying she was traumatized when an American Airlines plane ran off the runway at O'Hare International Airport in 2008. Jewel Thomas, of Bellevue, Wash. says she has...
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    Mexicana to Suspend All Flights by Tomorrow

    Adios amigos