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    XJT FA jumpseat now available to offline pilots

    Only in the eyes of IND FSDO. ;)
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    Is Mesa going to tank?

    I don't work there, but I've heard: My Employer Sucks A$$
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    Do Not Work At Republic/chq/sa

    This was back before "the regionals" became "the regionals." Back when CHQ was a 100 pilot turboprop operator, ALPA didn't want anything to do with 'em, especially as they were a stand-alone entity, (not a wholly-owned commuter.) The ComAirs, Eagles, Piedmonts, and Skyways of the world sorta...
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    Non-rev and commuting just got harder

    Where are the pilot's Unions on all this bullshizzle?
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    Embraer Delivers First EMBRAER 175 Jets To Republic Airlines

    That's not 100% true... The FO actually DOES get more numbers to memorize...
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    Fired for Playboy

    She coulda just been looking for a quick discharge... I wondered about whether or not she'd get canned when I saw the layout. You can clearly read "Air Force" on her BDU top in one of the pictures. That's not the first time this sort of thing has happened. I can think of one other military...
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    Advice to aspiring airline pilots

    The BEST advice for aspiring airline pilots... FORGET IT!! Become a doctor or a lawyer or a loanshark or something... Then buy an airplane, and fly only for FUN!!!
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    CO Wants Qs

    I don't believe any of us (pilots) at RAH are aware of the company purchasing the Carribean Sun certificate. It never got past the "rumor" phase, as far as we know.
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    Doug Parker Arrested- DUI

    The latest post from Parker on the USAirways hub says this is offense number FOUR for him. Guess he wanted to put it out there before the media did, which is somewhat admirable.
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    Guy in back gets dream shot

    At our company, the manual specifically says "no" to switching seats in the event of incapacitation. I can see the nosewheel steering argument, though; but are you really gonna taxi to the gate? EMS could meet you on the runway just as easily.
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    little venting........

    What chaps my a$$ these days in regard to renting a spam-can is the COST of the rental checkout. Sure, I understand why the insurance companies require a checkout, and I can recall (as a young instructor) flying Most Honorable ChickenHawk with a "jet guy" or two from the airlines/military. The...
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    CO pilot dies at controls

    See, the thing is it doesn't matter what the guy's age was. The public's perception is that "a guy died while flying an airplane! Why allow an increase in the chance of this happening by allowing older pilots to continue flying?" Now in all fairness, shouldn't the same rules be applied to...
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    CO pilot dies at controls

    That'll help to change the "Age 60 Rule" :rolleyes: Condolences to his family and all, but each time one of us dies in flight, or has a heart attack in the jetway right after arriving, it makes that look like a worse and worse idea to the public.
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    Express Jets new ventures

    Ummm, what does "homorous" mean, Mr. Discount English Teacher Guy? ;) And who is this "Expresset?"
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    Too much reverse

    "It's a jet, son. Those people pay to hear that noise." -A captain I used to fly with
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    Official:Frontier Airlines Selects Republic Airlines as Regional Partner to Operate N

    Tail number 4 is gonna be a litter of tadpoles, 5 will be a catterpillar, 6 will be salmon roe, and 7 will be a baby rat.
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    Official:Frontier Airlines Selects Republic Airlines as Regional Partner to Operate N

    Thankya, sir. You beat me to it. :laugh: :beer:
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    RAH gets Frontier flying

    It MAY have something to do with the fact that it is a MAR 07 effective date for RAH pilots, and the company kinda needs to open and staff the base a month or so ahead of time, regardless of what the codeshare partner announces when. The company memo to RAH folks asked us to "keep the Frontier...
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    RAH gets Frontier flying

    Gosh, how impressive. FAI, ANC, SIT and KTN are actually pretty flat, and FAI has the altitiude record amongst them at a whopping 434MSL. (And no, I didn't take the time to go look that up, I just grew up there and learned to fly there.) And how about ADQ, CZF or UTO? Guess ya missed those. We...
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    Where will be your new year's eve overnight?

    Evans-Tucky, Indiana! Woo-friggin'-hoo!!