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  1. Frac Daddy

    Pilots Who Have Left Fractionals for Airlines or Corporate - Happier?

    I was with RTA/FLOPS for 6 years. Bailed in '06 for FedEx. Liked my frac job, but I can't begin to tell you how much better my current gig is.
  2. Frac Daddy

    Check out Flight Options Revamped Beechjet - Nextant 400NEXT

    Just how much lipstick CAN you put on a pig?
  3. Frac Daddy

    FedEx and Paris

    Sort center? Yes. Pilot domicile? Working on it.
  4. Frac Daddy

    Flight options new pay

    Holy smokes! A 2001 RTA hire and you were still furloughed? What was the DOH of the last RTA guy furloughed? (I was a AUG 2000 hire there),
  5. Frac Daddy

    Flight options new pay

    Yeah, and at my airline, you don't know your build up line until FOUR DAYS before the month starts. The 15th ain't so bad.
  6. Frac Daddy

    UPS to furlough 300

    Guess you never heard of a thing called 4a2b
  7. Frac Daddy

    Are there new FDX Cuts?

    500 by July 1? Huge costs with the resulting excess bid. I wonder why 08-03 was canceled? Hmmmmm.... Reduced MPBG for a year or more is a quicker and dirtier way to cut costs.
  8. Frac Daddy

    Well, this sucks.... I flew with Ward at both FLOPS and FDX. He was a good dude.
  9. Frac Daddy

    Latest FLOPs FUD

  10. Frac Daddy

    Ricci/Rossi coming back to FLOPS?!

    Check Ricci's backside.
  11. Frac Daddy

    Flops Randomly *terminating* Many Pilots !beware!

    slowjet, sorry to hear that? Are you ex-RTA? PM me.
  12. Frac Daddy

    Flops Randomly *terminating* Many Pilots !beware!

    slowjet, sorry to heat that? Are you ex-RTA? PM me.
  13. Frac Daddy

    Flight Options Negotiations Update

    Somebody want to post Bob's memo?
  14. Frac Daddy

    ANC crashpad

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew about any short-term crashpads (3-4 months) in Anchorage. Thanks.
  15. Frac Daddy

    Flight Options negotiations??

    Southwest, FedEx, Corporate.
  16. Frac Daddy

    Flight Options negotiations??

    guido, NO vacation is being rewarded at all? Wow. Good luck. It seems that whenever I contact a guy used to fly with at FLOPS, they have all moved on to greener pastuers. Hang in there.
  17. Frac Daddy

    flexjet to majors?

    Depends on which major it is.
  18. Frac Daddy

    Flexjet Union Drive on the move

    GEX, If you think that the FLOPS pilots were actually going to see that raise, PM me. I got a bridge I'd like to sell you. Management only started hinting about a raise when union drive picked up steam. Interesting timing. And one more time: The union was a reaction to management's...
  19. Frac Daddy

    Flexjet Union Drive on the move

    GEXDriver, I got news for you.....The QOL and compensation were going into the toilet whether there was a union or not. That IS Scheeringa's business plan for FLOPS. Are you a FLOPS pilot? I was and I can tell you your assessment of the situation is 180 degrees off.
  20. Frac Daddy

    FLOPS in AIN

    Hmmm.... I thought status quo existed while the first contract was being negotiated. Guess I was wrong. Good luck guys. Glad I am not there any more.