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  1. PHX767

    Why a 3rd FMS?

    Why do some long range corporate planes have a 3rd FMS? In the overwater airliners I have flown, they have 3 IRU's and 2 FMS. I am looking at the specs for a variety of biz jets and see that a lot of them have 2 IRU's and 3 FMS. Can't seem to figure this out on my own. Obviously this is a...
  2. PHX767

    CL604 salary?

    Hey guys, I know this has been asked a thousand different ways recently, sorry to be repetitive. Can't put my hands on a salary survey and need some data for negotiation..... Position is CL604 Capt / Cheif Pilot in the Southwest, all 135 flying. Anybody got the survey numbers (NBAA, Pro...
  3. PHX767

    Input on the Astra, please?

    There may be an Astra in our future. I know basically nothing about them except that they have 2 engines. :) Looked at both the IAI and Gulfstream sites, not much practical info. We are in the desert southwest, flying mostly west coast with occasional trips to TX and rare trips to the NE...
  4. PHX767

    Any job ideas for the PHX/SDL area?

    Current and typed in the Beechjet, typed in the B1900, 767/757 (for what it's worth). Doing the fractional gig right now, looks like the company is entering a flat spin soon.... Just starting to dust off the resume and start looking for a corporate operator flying anything from 2 props to 4...
  5. PHX767

    B737 Manuals

    From K & S aviation. Never opened, in the box they came in. They charge $250, I'll make you a good deal. I don't need them, long story. PM with email/phone number and I'll get back to you.
  6. PHX767

    SWA class date after type rating?

    I did a search on this with no luck, so please help me out. I understand it is possible to get an interview and hired at SWA without the type rating. What happens then? Do you slide into the next class after you get the type? Or what??? Seems like the obvious answer is to have the type first...
  7. PHX767

    FDX and furloughed pilots

    This subject has been on another thread, but I wanted to get some more response on the issue. It was brought up that FDX will not consider furloughees except from USAir. My contact at FDX says that there was a memo stating the rumors about not hiring furloughed pilots was untrue due to...
  8. PHX767

    Interview Gouge

    Hey there, I am back on this board after a long absence. Will someone please point me at a site where the latest interview gouge is located? Thanks in advance. phx767 former HP 757, former AA 767, MD80, current second furlough guy thankfully employed as frax boy
  9. PHX767

    VA approved type rating courses?

    While I have time on my hands, I was thinking of using my remaining VA / GI Bill education benefits on getting one of my dream type ratings: Either a B747 or a DC-3 rating. Anybody know of or have any experience with either one at a VA approved school? I am also considering a Multi and Single...
  10. PHX767

    Unemployment pay by state?

    This may be almost as much fun as the roll call thread. I bet all 50 states will be represented. How much does unemployment pay in your state? Arizona - $205