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  1. TXAirHopper

    FAA Ramp Checks

    Just a little FYI... Got the rumor the FAA will be amping up ramp checks at GA FBOs starting this weekend.
  2. TXAirHopper

    IAH crashpad

    Hey folks, i have a apt in kingwood, tx and am willing to rent it out as a crashpad. cable, wireless internet, garage, gated access and a very clean area. i would perfer only clean people who can clean up their own mess respond to this. $150 a month for everything.
  3. TXAirHopper


    Ive heard through the rumor mill that ExpressJets IAH ans SAT bases are getting full. Anyone know the likelyhood of getting based there as a new hire?? (Although Im fine with Cali) Any input would be great!
  4. TXAirHopper

    Anyone who is flying for Republic...

    Hey guys, just got offered a interview with Republic and curious about some input. From what I have read it seems like a very good company, but I would like some insight to what ya'll think... In other words, a go or no-go??
  5. TXAirHopper

    anybody know anything about AT&T???

    I just met some folks in a bar that work for AT&T. Some how we got on the subject of flying and then they told me about their fleet. Lots of Falcons. Anyone know anything about there company (more importantly about flying for them)???
  6. TXAirHopper

    Aircraft Show

    Anybody who wants to check out the newest planes and avionics should come to the aircraft show at McKinney (KTKI) airport in McKinney, TX on 6/11/2005. Lots of new planes on display and good food!