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    Cape Air

    Muther, Take a look on I don't think the interview has changed since the last one was posted.
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    Is Cape Air Hiring?

    There are interviewing right now! I interview last week for a January class.
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    Chicago Express questions?

    Does any one know the contact info for CEX
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    go YANKEES

    Who won the ALCS, Gady Little for the Yanks. He got seven strong innings out of Pedro, all he had to do was bring in Timlin and Williamson and the games over. Thank you every much Grady hope you have fun golfing next year after the Sox fire you.
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    go YANKEES

    You a Yank-me are like a bunch a friggin' parrots 1918 ah, 1918. Give it a rest, and bring something to the table. The Sox WILL win it in 7
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    Air Nantucket

    I believe that Cape Air and Air Nantucket are the same company.
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    Singlespeed, I do belive those are the Coors Lite twins
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    Thanks for the help. Midlife I did try google but I didn't try the advance seach thanks.
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    Colgan Air

    I'd watch out for the 18K they charge you to work for them!!!!
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    I was just wondering if anyone out there knows where I can get a copy of the TERPS. I already searched the FAA web site with no luck.
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    Boston Maine

    Badog, I interviewed there last year got the job and then they stopped training. But they told me during the interview that they where getting resume from all over the country, but they were not interview people who would not pay for there own ticket to fly out to PSM. Also the pay during...
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    Anyone hiring CFI's...Anywhere?

    I know Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH is looking for 10 new CFIs. It's not a bad deal on they want is a CFI, THEY will pay for your CFII, and MEI. They also provide full medical and dental. Not a bad place to be for awhile.
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    Who's Hiring?

    How did you send your stuff into Chautauqua the on-line format or snail mail. Thanks
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    Just wondering if any one out there knows what's going on at Boston-Maine. I was just on their web site and it said they where hiring 727 crews. I though Pan Am flew the 727's?
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    Contacting Chautauqua's recruiter

    AZaviator, How did you send in you resume, though the on-line app. or snail mail. If the mail, what's the address for them. Thanks.
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    J31 info

    Mostly systems stuff. Just trying to get an idea before I head out to ground school
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    J31 info

    I was just wondering if anyone out there knows where I can get some information on the J31. I already tried avsoft with no luck. Any help would apperciated.
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    Boston-Maine Airways phone number

    Try (603) 766-2294. Hope this helps
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    Info about Boston Maine Airways

    I interviewed with BMA a few weeks ago, started off with a written, then I met with the Dir. of Training, and then Human Resources. Written was very straight forward: Define V1 Max holding speed for aircraft How is the Outer Marker idnetified dots or dashes or both Define a Great Circle Route...
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    Anyone hiring street captains?

    BMA's domicile is Portsmith. There looking into another domicile in Stanford, FL. The schedule for pretty much everyons is 6 on 1 or 2 off. Starting pay fora captain is 33,000 to 35,000 . There is a five year training contract. Hope this helps. Soxfan