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    No growth at SW until 2016 now
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    Relevance of 717 to Southwest continues to diminish
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    So much for the huge growth rumor at SW
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    Virgin America orders 60 Airbus with Sharklets FARNBOROUGH: Virgin America signs MoU for up to 60 A320s By David Kaminski-Morrow Virgin America has signed a memorandum of understanding for up to 60 Airbus A320s. Its...
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    Santiago, Chile suggestions

    Thanks for all the recommendations in Buenos Aires. I'm now on my way to Santiago. Any must do's while were there. Any problems getting out on Delta. I've always had pretty good luck on them. Thanks.
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    Delta to Buenos Aires ?'s

    Does anyone know if Delta's older 767's have the personal entertainment screens in coach. I'm planning on flying down there in a couple of days. Also if anyone has any must things to do please let me know, my wife and I will be down there for a week. Thanks
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    Jetblue International Jumpseat "?"

    I plan on jumpseating from Santo Domingo to MCO next month. Can Cass approved pilots ride on the actual jumpseats in the Flight Deck? What about riding on the F/A jumpseat. Thanks
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    Delta no longer sending reservation calls to India I wish every US company would do this.
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    ? T6 to T5 LAX

    Can anyone tell me if you arrive at terminal 6 and have to catch a flight in terminal 5 if you have to go through security again? Thanks
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    S&P predicts 'huge losses' at AirTran$20768 S&P predicts 'huge losses' at AirTran KELLY YAMANOUCHI; StaffThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution document.write(''); AirTran Airways has been downgraded by Standard &...
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    Worst. Airline. Ever (United)

    Nice work Tilton...... Worst. Airline. Ever. Tuesday June 10, 12:00 am ET Pick through the slag heap of the nation's big network carriers and it's easy to find the worst of the worst...
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    AirTran Reports Net Income of $41.5 Million Press ReleaseSource: AirTran Holdings, Inc. AirTran Holdings, Inc., Reports Net Income of $41.5 Million Thursday July 26, 6:50 am ET - Record Revenue of $614.1 Million - - Record 6.3 Million Passengers - - Record $69.7 Million Operating...
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    Airtran BWI-SEA
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    Midwest attacks Airtran

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    AirTran delays delivery of aircraft AirTran delays delivery of aircraft Wednesday September 27, 9:07 am ET Low-fare carrier AirTran Airways Inc. announced plans to delay the delivery of eight Boeing 737 aircraft that were scheduled to be delivered in 2007 and...
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    Bumped off J/S by FAA

    Has anyone got bumped off your airline jumpseat by an FAA lately. This has happened to me a few times over the last few years and it's usually by an FAA guy who doesn't even monitor our airline. These guys show up last minute and request the jumpseat and send you packing. Over the last 10 FAA...
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    Spirit adds ATL-LAS This is interesting. Can this route handle 4 carriers doing the same route. Seems like a bad decision to me. (America West/US Airways, Delta, and Airtran)
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    Why is Airtran doing nothing? Every airline is expanding to Mexico while Airtran just sits around doing nothing. Can anyone explain this please.
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    Mesa close to finalising E-195 fleet deal for Go Mesa close to finalising E-195 fleet deal for Go Mesa Air Group chairman Jonathan Ornstein is close to finalising a deal that will introduce Embraer’s 195 to the...
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    ? about Spirit Jumpseat.

    I'm planning on jumpseating on Spirit out of FLL to Nassau next week. I'm traveling with a F/A who says they usually charge them $25 per leg. She was told this by some friends but this is our first time traveling on you guys so I'm not sure. My second question, is the jumpseat free for pilots or...