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  1. dhc8fo

    Surviving red eyes

    How do you guys force yourself to sleep during the day after a late flight followed by a red eye the next night? I lay around all day trying to force myself to sleep after having slept from the night before. It's stressful and makes for an exhausting return leg.
  2. dhc8fo

    If I get screwed again....

    Left to drown in the Netjets pool back in, what, 2008? And now the JetBlue pool...if this one flushes, I may go back to male stripping. :cool:
  3. dhc8fo

    ABX Pilot?

    Can an ABX'er please PM me? I have some questions for you....former Piedmont person here...
  4. dhc8fo

    jetblue or US Airways?

    So much love/hate for both.....SO, if given the choice: Jetblue or US Airways? Discuss.... (can't say neither, has to be one)
  5. dhc8fo

    Crashpad 101

    Never commuted. Never had a crashpad. All I have are visions of hotbunking and this: Can you guys give some pointers on how to choose a good crashpad and what I can expect from a decent one? Thanks
  6. dhc8fo

    Monthly Retainer...

    Anyone see how I can be on retainer with two companies? I am essentially a part-time pilot for several places but there are two who want to put me on a retainer. I am thinking that it would be about 5 days for each company, so I know that it is doable, but I can't seem to think through the...
  7. dhc8fo

    Breaking in a new

    Hey guys. I have never had a "new" SIC before. It has always been a co-captain situation. I am going off in a new plane with a guy who isn't typed yet and was wondering how you handle getting him SIC qual'd. He is a former jet guy and will be going to school for his type shortly, but in the mean...
  8. dhc8fo

    Flight Safety (Cessna) Atlanta

    Have never trained in ATL. Where is a good hotel (reasonable, close to FSI, etc)? Thanks!
  9. dhc8fo

    Pink slipped last night

    Sucks ass. Now what???? Just sayin....
  10. dhc8fo

    Exhaust Gases overwhelming me

    Sorry, didn't know where to ask this.... I flew a jump plane today with a PT-6 up front in your face, and I am curious if anyone who has flown something like this was overwhelmed by the exhaust smell in the cockpit. I am historically sensitive to this smell, but man. I searched all over the net...
  11. dhc8fo

    Collins 3000 FMS help

    Anyone have any leads on training software or books for the Collins 3000 FMS? I am too cheap to pay $400 for a course from Collins and was hoping that someone had one laying around to sell or share. Garmin's is free and Universal mailed me things in the past on their dime....not so much for...
  12. dhc8fo

    Lighten up Francis....

    My apologies to the United that had to go around tonight because of me at IAD. But come on, give a guy a break. I didn't do it on purpose (this is in respose to his nice "Thanks XXX" on the air). I have been flying the King Air so much and hadn't been in the jet for a month and a half and I...
  13. dhc8fo

    Need your help with King Air E90

    Does anyone have a Flight Safety manual handy and time to spare to shoot me the stall/recovery profiles for E90 stalls? I went to Simcom (gag me) and the manual they sent me home with has nothing in there. I know I can muddle my way through a general setup and recovery, but it would be nice to...
  14. dhc8fo

    Simcom for the King Air

    I just found out that I am being sent to King Air school at the end of this summer down at Simcom. I have been spoiled by pretty state-of-the-art sims in all of my past training and understand that the 90 sim isn't even a motion sim. Anyone confirm this? And if you can, if you have experience...
  15. dhc8fo

    Tell me about a good Wichita hotel for Flight Safety

    Hey guys, I ususally stay at the Airport Hilton when I go to Flight Safety in Wichita. I probably will again, but since this is initial training and lasts almost two weeks, it is going to hurt my wallet!! Anyone recommend any other nearby hotels that don't suck? The nice thing about the Hilton...
  16. dhc8fo

    MEIs..what would you charge for this?

    I have a 340 and there is this guy who wants me to fly with him for his 25 hours of dual so he can fly a 340 for some guy. Thing is, I am willing to help this guy out, but I am not totally fond of him. I am expecially NOT fond of the broker he is working through and I think they will be...
  17. dhc8fo

    Comair FO loses leg LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) -- Doctors have amputated the left leg of a co-pilot whose plane crashed on takeoff after turning onto the wrong runway, and he does not remember the accident that killed 49 people, his family...
  18. dhc8fo

    My major faux pas today

    oooopsie.....:blush: I am a turbine guy but I have a piston twin. Today was the first time that I actually feathered the engine and shut it down (on the ramp)....DOH! I was freaking out trying to remember why I might not be able to unfeather it at startup because I remember SOMETHING from...
  19. dhc8fo

    Which King Air do you think?

    Alright gentlemen....for an air ambulance, which King Air would be your choice and why? I think the 350 is out of the said budget, but the guys are pretty set on a King 90, 100, 200 or 300 and why? Thanks
  20. dhc8fo

    Sen. Kennedy plane diverted after losing power