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    CJ Pilot Wanted in Kentucky

    Small company operation flying about 150 hours a year. This is a single pilot operation. Prefer a pilot already typed in a CJ. PM me if have any questions. I worked for this company before and they are great people!
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    Meridan put our crew up at the Shearton at Teterboro and one of the crew is covered with bed bug bites. The hotel took his internet charge off is room fopr his troubles.
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    Jobs in the Daytona Beach Area

    Anyone have any information on jobs in the Daytona Beach area? Saw B&B Insurance was hiring. Sent them a resume but heard nothing. Saw where they are still advertising for pilots. Any info? Thanks
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    B&B Insurance in Daytona Beach

    Anybody have any information on these folks? They have been looking for a crew for a Beechjet and C-680 for a couple of months now.
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    Citation V Job in Southern Indiana

    Flight Department in Southern Indiania is seeking a quailified Citation V pilot. Operations are strictly Part 91, flying between 250-270 hours a year. Minimums are: 2500 hours total time 1000 hours PIC 250 in type Don't know the pay scale. Non Smoker I will try and get more information.
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    FBO at Bridgeport Connecticut

    Have a trip to Bridgeport on Monday any recommendiationswhich on which FBO to use?
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    How do most of you deal with Brokers calling you and your CEO? I am no differant than most of you out there, I had five calls last week. The one company that is calling the most wouldn't take" No Reply" as answer. Now they have skipped over me and right to the CEO. I have talked with this...
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    Importing an Aircraft

    Our company maybe purchasing an airplane from a company in Europe. My question is once we get into the States will the aircraft have to be flown below 290 because we will not have US RVSM approval. The airplane will be US registered before it leaves Europe. Will we have to do the GMU flight...
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    Jobs in the Chicago area/Waukegan

    Anybody have any information on jobs in the Chicago area? What about D.B. Aviation? I hear they fly some nice equipment.
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    Bravo Captain/Citation X FO

    Schweitzer Engineering has a job posting on Aviation Employment Board, does anyone have any information on the company? They had the same post back in the summer. They are based out of Pullman Wa.. A friend applied back then and didn't hear anything from them.
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    Northrop Grimman

    Anyone have any information on this job? It seems that about every two months the same post reappears for pilots.
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    Shortage of Helicopter Pilots?

    Is there a shortage of pilots now? Our company is doing some financing and leaseing to a company that is a flight school and 135 operator. I was surprised at what the cost of flight training in helicopters is costing now. Their current rate is $60,000-65000.00, they claim they have full classes...
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    CJ Copilot Burbank

    Ha anyone seen the ad on Sky Jobs .net for a copilot for a CJ2. In general here it is. I am a 26 yr old pilot with 3500 hrs flying a CJ2. I fly 3to 4 times a week. Looking for some one to fly with to keep from getting bored. This is a non paying job, you are responsable for your own food, you...
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    Lear 60 vs Hawker 800XP

    Our company is looking to upgrade to midsize cabin aircraft. Our Ceo is looking for operator information on likes and dislikes about the 60 and 800XP. We have all the marketing information on both aircraft. We have a requirement to go 1500nm with six paxs. We have looked at the Excel and that...
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    Coke Cola Job

    Last month there was a job opening in Charlotte, has anybody heard if the postion has been filled?
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    Have a trip to Acapulco this week,our first trip to Mexico any suggestions on places togo other than the beach. Anyone have any problems with customs or handlers.We are planning on using ICCS for a handler.