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    Any calls for SWA January Classes?

    It's about that time for the calls to start for January classes. If you don't mind, please post your interview date as well. Thanks and have fun in training!
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    Any word from the SWA Nov 15 Decision Board

    I know the Decision Board is today, but I am eagerly awaiting the good news, so I thought I would get the thread started. Best of Luck to all!
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    Calls or Letters from SWA October Decision Board?

    I appreciate the responses to my earlier thread on the date of the SWA Decision Board... now that the board has met, has anyone received a phone call or letter?
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    SWA Poolies Class Dates

    Did any SWA poolies get a call for a November class date yet?
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    SWA October Decision Board?

    Any word on the date for the October Decision Board?