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    G200 Job on aviation career

    Anyone have any info about the G200 job on aviation career website? I got an e-mail from them but am not a member of the site anymore. Thanks in advance.
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    SoCAL jobs

    The World Headquarters of Hilton Hotels Corporation in Southern Calfornia, is seeking 4 Captains to fly a Challanger 600 series and Gulfstream G5. Our candidates will possess a minimum of 4,000 flight hours (to include 2,000 Turbojet aircraft hours), international flight experience, 1st class...
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    NW guys check this out Do not know if this was posted here already or not, I did not see it. You need to get this into managements hands if possible. A great outsider view on things.
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    Flight Department

    Is 5 million a feasible amount to start or run a flight department with? IF so what kind of plane would be a could choice if that was your annual budget? With that kind of budget would fractional be a better option? I would not think that fractional would be the way to go.
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    I have searched and looked in the FAR's and online and can not find what I am looking for. Does anybody know if there any reg's about driving on runways or taxiways at an uncontrolled airport? Like I said I can not find anything to address vehicles on airports. Thanks
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    Commercial PTS

    Never mind found online
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    Online degrees

    Has anyone gotten a degree from online classes? I am currently taking classes through UVSC online. I am just wondering if anyone out there that has completed either through UVSC, Embry Riddle or any other online course. Have you been questioned by anyone or a potential employer about your...
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    Pro pilot

    Another great flight department in this months pro pilot, Market Air. Direct quote from the DO "Our pilots start at low salaries and work there way up to captain". Another point made in the article, Payscales are fair, although pilots are advised upfront not to expect the salaries they read...
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    Anyone have any info on PPG? I did a search and there wasn't any real good info on them. Thanks in advance.
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    Cracker Barrel

    Any info on them? I have an old NBAA guide from 2000. Not sure if the info is still good. Thanks in advance.
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    Pay scales

    I have a question about payscales at the Major's or for that matter any airline. When you go from one airframe to another, IE FO to Captain or FO to FO on another airframe. How does your pay work? Do you go over at the year you are and continue to get raises or do you have to start at year...
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    Anyone please

    Anyone have a membership to If so can you give a little info on the job posted 5/3/05 Corporate Pilot. Does it give any info such as location or area of country? I first saw the ad on Thank you much appreciated.
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    DA900 job

    Hey anyone have any info on the Falcon 900 job on skyjobs? It has you go to the link of Anyone of a membership to the site to see where the job is? Thanks for your help.
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    Told Ya!!!!!!!!

    See boys and girls the circadian low time has been changed. How much more of this BS are we going to take? We ALL need to contact ASAP now and give them your address or any other contact info. Need to get what we have now locked in at least so we do not lose anymore. You all know that there...
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    Companies position

    How do you find or know a companies place on the fortune scale? IE: Fortune 500, 200 or 100 ETC. Hopefully someone can enlighten me on this stupid topic. Sorry for this screwball question. Thank you.
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    CE-525S type rating

    What does the S mean after the 525 on a CE-525S type rating? I have only seen it once. Other times I have only seen CE-525. I am thinking that it means the person is single pilot typed in the CJ. Any ideas?????? Thanks..
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    Not a bad job possibly

    NEWJOB: PA 31 Pilot/Mgr 6/22/2004 Looking for a pilot to fly our hotel aircraft and to assist in managing the hotel located in the Out Island of the Bahamas. We fly daily to FXE or FLL for supplies and Pax's. Must be willing to live on the island. 500 TT 50 multi PA-31 time a plus 32k a year...
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    Where do I sign up

    Citation III Co-Pilot 7/5/2004 SIC required for busy Part 135 operation. Must be willing to pay for training and type rating. Will be based in Las Vegas but trips could keep you on the road for up to two weeks at a time. Base salary, flight pay, per diem, benefits. Excellent...
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    Another winner
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    Hey for some of you guys in the Majors. How are FAM handled on the flights? I went from MSP to DTW last night and think there were two FAM on board. These two guys got on board about an hour before the flight and before the crew was even on board. Is that normal practice for them? I wanted...