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    Preferred FedEx J/S Attire

    FedEx guys, What is the required and/or preferred J/S attire? Uniform? Business casual? Need some info quick, please, as I am riding FedEx for the first time tomorrow to get to work; MEM-PHL. Any other tips about the check-in and screening process along with any other jumpseat info. would...
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    NWA Off-line Jumpseating

    NWA'ers... Found out the hard way last night that NWA's policy is no more than 2 off-line jumpseaters, cabin or cockpit. I commute out of MEM (never had this issue come up in the last 3 months during peak travel season, ironically) so I'll be getting to the airport earlier from now on. It was...
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    FedEx PHL

    Just looking for the same help another poster saught except I'm looking for numbers and an address for PHL FedEx. Thanks in advance.
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    AWAC Training

    I'm looking to know for those that have been in training for AWAC or are going to be as of Feb. 20th if it's worth trying to travel home (BNA) on the weekends via jumpseating or standby out of ATW. Furthermore, what about a car? Any thoughts on that? I was thinking of taking mine which would...