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    Single engine sea plane weather reports over NY/NJ ???

    Hi all, Anyone know about this gig ? Years back they used to fly at of FRG. I think, it was C 206 or Caravan. I see them all the time, flying over Whitestone Bridge moving southwest & northeast, more on weekends... Thanks very much, G.
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    Amerijet Int'l

    Hi all, Looking for some info about Amerijet; if they hiring, flight time min., pay, equipment, schedule, destinations, bases, etc. Thanks a lot.
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    Plesure ride in L-29

    Training/intro flight in L-29 Hi all, Anyone knows where and for how much can I get intro/demo/ flight in L-29 Delfin. Thanks very much. G.
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    PA 34-200T for instruction ???

    Hello, I was wondering if Seneca II with turbo engines is OK for instruction, or will be too expensive b/c of the turbos, and if anyone is using Seneca II T to teach. Thanks very much.
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    Looking for l-29 share...

    Looking for L-29 share... Hello, I am looking for share in owning L-29 in New York area. Could be 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2. Please let me know. Thank you. Best regards, George.
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    Training / joy flights in l-29 delfin .

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows where and for how much you can get flight training and/or demo flight in L-29 delfin. Thanks very much.
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    Bypass Surgery / Medical cert.

    Hello all, A month ago I had bypass surgery done on my heart. I feel very good now. I was wondering, what I would have to do to get my 2nd. class medical back. I know, talk to my doctor so he can explain all that... But still, I want to ask you guys b/c I think some of you were in the same...
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    Ride in T-6...

    Hello all, Doe's anybody knows if GEICO SKYTYPERS @ FRG still do rides for the public in there planes??? Thank you.
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    CFI pay @ Glass Cockpit Aviation in FRG???

    Hi All, Anyone knows how much an hour do they pay Flight Instructors at Glass Cockpit Aviation in FRG ??? Thx.
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    Pilots AE@LGA and ComAir@JFK - Q's.

    Hi all, I have few q's for you guys, both AE FO's based at LGA and ComAir FO's based at JFK: - how many hours a month you fly, on reserve and as line holder? (average) - how long is reserve at both bases now days? - what is you pay check like a month? (average), including everything. Thanks.
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    Headset for KA200???

    Hi all, What headset will be best to use in KA200, as far as noise reduction, comfortable fit, clearer reception, etc. Thanks very much.
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    Headset for KA200???

    Hi all, What headset will be best to use in KA200, as far as noise reduction, comfortable fit, clearer reception, etc. Thanks very much.
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    Training DVD for King Air 200?

    Hi all, I'm looking for training DVD for King Air 200, or website with the info. Thanks.
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    Empire Airways ACY flying and new equipment q's...

    Hi all, Anybody knows what happen with ACY flying??? Also, do Empire has a Citation III and Hawker in their fleet now? Thank you.
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    Looking for link to ComAir and XJT contract... Thx.

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    ComAir pilots based @ JFK...

    Hi all, I have few q's for you guys/gals based at JFK: - How long is reserve in JFK now days? - How many hours (average), you guys fly a month, when on reserve/holding line? - How "BIG" is your pay check with all the extras, 1st, 2nd year? ( again, average). Thanks very much.
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    Empire Airways.....

    Hi all, Anyone knows, why Empire Airways Jetstreams did NOT fly for last 6 days or so? Thx.
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    ComAir or XJT, if choice given...

    Hi all, Which airline would you like to work for (if choice given): ComAir, or XJT? Thx.
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    Air Charters @TEB Q's.

    Hi all, I'm looking for info about Air Charters @ Teterboro NJ. - minimum hours for LR FO - pay for FO's, 1st, 2nd year - upgrade time to CPT - medical/dental/401K - how much you guys fly a month? - QOL in general Thanks very much.
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    Empire Airways out of FRG...q's.

    Hi all, I was wondering, if anyone knows what is going on at Empire Airways. Are they looking for pilots, what do they pay now days CPT/FO, how many pilots do they have, upgrade time, QOL in general, etc. ??? Thanks.