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    Delta cuts..TA reached

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    UPS email?

    I am trying to get ahold of a friend at UPS. What is the server name for sending an email there? Is it *name* I tried that and it bounced back. Thanks!
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    Moronic Passenger Stories

    Lets have em!.. Terminal: "Where's gate A10?"..Sir, you are standing at it. See the giant A10 on the wall behind me? "What time does Delta flight 235 leave?" Ma'am, I don't work for Delta. "Oh, so YOU DON"T KNOW???" In flight: Kids acting up, raising h*ll, spilling drinks, playing grab a$$...
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    Who's gonna take Delta's place.. DFW? I know this may be an old topic by now. It is interesting who will be taking over the 21 or so gates over in Terminal E that Delta will be leaving. Supposedly, the DFW airport authority has been in discussions with an 'un-named LCC' about coming into DFW. SWA is trying to get rid of...
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    Interview Foul Ups

    We've all done them or heard of them. Does anyone have some good stories in this area? I was talking to a guy the other night who had an interview with a British airline several years ago. When asked "what makes you angry??" he stumbled for an answer and, for some reason, came up with "when I...
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    Another Beating for Eagle

    (From APA's hotline)... SUPPLEMENT W ARBITRATION: Today Arbitrator Richard Bloch issued his ruling on the status of the May-August furloughees concerning their eligibility for flow-back positions with American Eagle. I am pleased to report that Arbitrator Bloch has ruled in APA’s favor...
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    Plane down

    Yahoo news is reporting a plane with 9 people on board made a distress call and probably went down in lake Erie.
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    Eagle Diverts!

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    EMJ Radar

    Any of you guys that fly the brasilia jet have troubles with the radar? I have had several cases where I am visually looking at a cell that tops out wayyyy up there and the radar shows it as green, or 'shaded' green and you know it would'nt be safe to fly into. Gain or tilt is not the issue. It...
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    Freak air Accident

    129 Congo Air Passengers Feared Dead 37 minutes ago By EDDY ISANGO, Associated Press Writer KINSHASA, Congo - The rear door of a Russian-built cargo plane burst open as the aircraft was carrying police officials and their families across Congo, and 129 passengers were sucked out , airport...
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    AA's new CEO

    Interesting article about the new CEO. Gerard Arpey I sure hope he stays this way. The employees at AMR have felt in the dark and that "they" don't care about what goes on out on the line for far too long!
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    Support Our Troops

    Well, I just watched the Presidents speech. There is no way Saddam and his sons are gonna leave. Looks like our soldiers will find themselves in battle pretty quick. Regardless of how you may feel about our President or the War in Iraq, support our troops. Send those that you know over there...
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    wow! (stock prices)

    AMR stock is now down around 4 bucks a share,...*gulp*
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    It's the people stupid!

    Anybody else wonder why some airlines have forgotten all about employee morale ( if they ever cared) in recent times? We hold the real power to help turn things around!
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    Who's Hiring?

    Just curious who is hiring right now. I heard ASA is having a class tomorrow. EJA is hiring like banshees. What about the other quality companies like ACA, Sky West, etc. I am at Eagle and things are getting to the point that I am knocking the dust off of me old typewriter. " Seven Years of...