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  1. tracearabians

    Career Co-pilot

    Has anyone else ever worked with someone that only wanted to be a co-pilot ? I spent the last eight years at KGTR with a guy who only wanted to sit in the right seat and talk on the radio . He would clean the airplane ever so often but his main concern was where were we going to eat lunch ! He...
  2. tracearabians

    Citation contract pilot

    Typed and current citation pilot available for contract work . Can airline to your location . 11200 hours tt with 4000 + hours in citation .
  3. tracearabians

    Psychic abilities

    Man ! You and me both !!!
  4. tracearabians

    Psychic abilities

    This guy goes to a small church just outside of Meridian . He told me that his preacher was working in a house when he heard something coming down the hall . He looked up and saw a half goat half man walking toward him !! Then all of a sudden an 8 ft tall angel appeared and threw the goat/man...
  5. tracearabians

    Tail wheel endorsement and SES rating

    Any suggestions on where to go for tail wheel training and ses training ?
  6. tracearabians

    Co-Pilot Position

    Mail resume to : Chief Pilot Warrior Energy Services C/O RAS INC 1900 Airport Road Columbus, Ms 39701
  7. tracearabians

    Co-Pilot Position

    Type rating .
  8. tracearabians

    Co-Pilot Position

    No job offer just yet . But accepting resumes for co-pilot position on citation 560 based at GTR . Oil and gas services company . Fly to Louisiana , west Texas , New Mexico , Oklahoma , Wyoming , North Dakota and South Dakota . No glamorous places but a great company to work for . Good pay and...
  9. tracearabians

    Psychic abilities

    I know a Chief Pilot for a plumbing supply company in Meridian , Ms that has the ability to look at a photo or a painting of a deceased person , and know if that person is in heaven or hell !! True story ! I saw him in action in a small town in Texas one day .
  10. tracearabians


    Meridian , Mississippi !! But not going to call any names .
  11. tracearabians


    He is the CP !!! Scary !!
  12. tracearabians


    NO ! That's the problem !!! This guy also rode 600 miles talking to himself !!!
  13. tracearabians


    Should someone that claims to have visions from God be psychologically evaluated or just ignored ?
  14. tracearabians

    O2 mask

    Has anyone eveer heard of cabin oxygen mask dropping when switching from crew only to normal in a citation ?
  15. tracearabians

    I don't believe in titles !!!!!

    Looking for a pilot in N MS willing to go to company paid school for type on a Citation 5 !!! Contract work only ! Co-pilot takes off work a lot !!! If wife has hang nail he needs off !!!!! If interested , let me know and I will give address to send resume .
  16. tracearabians

    Finding a contract pilot

    I have a question for everyone . I have a co-pilot that routinely decides to take a day off even after a trip has been scheduled far in advance . I have no problem with him taking off , the problem is he unloads this on me 3-4 days before trip and doesn't lift a finger to get a qualified pilot...
  17. tracearabians

    Corporate Captain

    Joe Tinsley !!!!!
  18. tracearabians

    Contract pilot

    Currently looking for a current Citation V pilot for possible trip Sept 21 and returning 22nd . Would need to airline into KGTR on Sept 20 . Will pay daily rate for all 4 days plus expenses including airline cost . Email info to .
  19. tracearabians


    Anyone have any info on flying to Nicaragua ?
  20. tracearabians

    Has anyone heard this term?

    Training illegals to be air traffic controllers !