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  1. arewethereyet

    Miami Valley Aviation - Ohio

    For all of us that flew at MVA in the late 90's. Godspeed fellow freight dawg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. arewethereyet

    Netjets Pilots Advice needed on Excel

    Hey ALL. We just took delivery of a newer Excel. When we went to FSI the folks did not seem to up on what the hourly fuel burns were. What do you guys at NJA use for hourly burns? I had a starting point of 17,13,12,11. Does this seem close? I'll narrow it down as time goes on but I...
  3. arewethereyet

    Loss of Medical Insurance?

    Hey ALL. What is recommended for loss of medical insurance? I a professional pilot and it concerns me when I think that the possibility always exists that a medical condition could arise that causes the aeromed. division to take my medical. My family is always one diagnosis away. If...
  4. arewethereyet

    VOYAGER Jet Center???

    Word on the street is that VJC in AGC is shutting it's doors for reasons of the President being in some trouble. Any truth to this??
  5. arewethereyet

    CJ Systems Aviation Group

    Let it be known that CJ Systems has ended the fixed wing program at KAGC. That is what I've been told. For all of you looking to apply move along. Let it also be known that it was a FIRST CLASS operation until upper management forgot how to count and had to sell the aircraft.
  6. arewethereyet

    Interview Question

    If you have three runway stripes in sight, what is the visibility?
  7. arewethereyet

    Citation Crash Today - AIR TREK, INC.

    Air Ambulance Citation Crash Today - AIR TREK, INC. Be careful out there.