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  1. skysurfer76

    JetBlue class dates

    i had 2 internal........but know them......not sure if hurt or helped :D
  2. skysurfer76

    JetBlue class dates

    I went to the open house...
  3. skysurfer76

    JetBlue class dates

    just got the call, 24th class date.
  4. skysurfer76

    JetBlue class dates

    placed my info in the summer of 2010.....I had an interview on Aug phase II now.
  5. skysurfer76

    Dynamic aviation

    pm me if you would like
  6. skysurfer76

    Dynamic aviation

    can ya help me out with some initials or a hint of the other? this is the only one i use.
  7. skysurfer76

    Dynamic aviation

    anyone know anything about Dynamic Aviation? Looking for more information about their king air 200 operations.? thanks.
  8. skysurfer76

    PPC? Quicksilver ?

    Im looking to buy either a powered parachute or something like a quicksilver on floats. I like the idea of putting the ppc in an enclosed trailer while not in use (the hanger), and using it to relocate the unit to an away flying field easier. However, I have flown in a Powered paraglider trike...
  9. skysurfer76

    King Air Brake De-Ice clearity

    i agree with what your saying both of you ( JAFI and 340DRVR) the suppliment section of AFM only mentions not to use duing SE, assuming like what you said (340) to maintain may power from operating engine... the schematic does show that the L/R regulated (18psi) bleed air does go to a...
  10. skysurfer76

    King Air Brake De-Ice clearity

    Q1. Anyone know if a king air b200 can x-feed bleed air to the brake de-ice ? the schmatics and other readings are not clear.The AFM does mention not to use brake de-ice when single engine... Q2. looking for a good King Air Forum....any sugestions?
  11. skysurfer76

    Landing currency

    Landing currency, 3 T&L’s within 90 in cat and class and in type…..okay I have that part….question comes where, if I did my currency in a citation does this also cover currency in my non typed multi engine aircraft?
  12. skysurfer76

    expected JetBlue New Hire normal work days

    thanks guys, just trying to get a feel for things...thanks for the imput...
  13. skysurfer76

    JetBlue open house

    I was one at the open house on Friday May 14.... Got the call for an invite for the interview on Thurs. May 21 Interview set up for June 3....
  14. skysurfer76

    expected JetBlue New Hire normal work days

    I have an interview with JB coming up in a couple of weeks.... I wanting to know what kind of schedule I would most likely see, Im not located at a base, so i would have to commute out from CLT or RDU. Im thinking it would normaly run like a 4 on and 3 off and 3 on 4 off ect.... my...
  15. skysurfer76

    When is jetblue hiring??

    hey guys, got the invite to the campus : ) I'll be in on the Friday tour at 9am....looking forward to it...! I have heard good things about JB from some friends that went to the Monday tour..they enjoyed it and felt it would be good place work, if given the opertunity, Seems like a...
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    good talk here...: ) im looking for an amphibious one, two seater, will concider open or closed cockpit....I have never even been in an UL..... Family has some good ol' farm land i would like to keep it at with a lake and a good river to fly up and down.... any suggestions? anyone offer me a...
  17. skysurfer76

    Any New Hires at Atlas Air?

    jut sent in the resume via online......any info on the next step if the extend the offer for an interview? call, mail, or send you and email ?
  18. skysurfer76

    PT6 question

    i second the thought on the heat on the plastic D windows when starting in feather....I have noticed the OAT gauge that sits right below the captains D window will be pegged out with a left cross wind start in feather....the exhaust gas drifts right onto the cabin while in feather....I have...
  19. skysurfer76

    website for for GA aircraft fuel/speed etc.

    does anyone have a good website where i can get just basic information on GA aircraft that would have TAS, fuel burn, etc...? Thanks.
  20. skysurfer76

    How are the 495 doing?

    Still looking I'm a 495'er....based in GSO.....starting to focus on a job outside of aviation until i get called back.. I would like to get involved with something that i keep doing once i get called back to NJA.... any ideas? real estate, landscaping, insurance sales?