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    Compass or SkyWest

    SkyWest. Great training, good pay (for a regional), better travel benefits, more bases with diverse route structure. The upgrade is at 7 years for CRJ but that number will change in a year. The company that has the longest upgrade times today has the lowest upgrade times tomorrow. Meaning there...
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    ouch...1st Pinnacle pay check

    Although I agree that they deserve what they voted for, they are not scabs. Spineless? Maybe, but never met them and I am not in their shoes, but they are not scabs. They never crossed a picket line. Save that word for people who cross the line.
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    Could someone smart explain SKYW stock's continual decline?

    To add to my previous post, it is quite possible a large shareholder has decided to sell most of their stock or many small shareholders have decided to sell their stock or a combination of both. Now the question is who wants to buy SKW after a poor earnings call and an uncertain future in an...
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    Could someone smart explain SKYW stock's continual decline?

    Stock prices are based on supply and demand as well as buyer and even seller confidence. The owners of Skywest Inc. stock have lost a bit of confidence due to the last few quarters being below normal SKW performance. Therefore, more share holders are looking to sell their SKW stock which in...
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    Skywest Training?

    I have worked at both companies (3 yrs at PSA and the last 5 at Skywest). I can say that if you have checkride anxiety then Skywest is the place for you. The longer ground school and larger class size will help you find more people wanting to study for perfection. They are both quality training...
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    Skywest radio

    UFly Mike. Ever since I have been using one I am questioned at least once a trip. Great headset for me but the mike isnt all that powerful.
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    Ratting out other pilots to the FAA

    Disagree. The professional thing for a legacy pilot to do is mentor and inform the crew of their wrong doing and lack of professionalism. Grow a sac. You are a grown man/ woman.
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    Airtran strike vote

    A strike vote means absolutely nothing if you ask me. Many airlines have voted to strike before negotiations, but few actually have the balls to strike. But, if you do decided to actually strike I will support your efforts.
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    Have you ever . . .

    I am sure everyone at PSA remembers the "Brown Baron"
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    Stupid F.O.'s

    You must be a low time Captain not comfortable with his own flying abilities. Sad to know you forgot how many stupid things you did as an F.O. You should lead as a Captain and help develop a better F.O. and an eventual Captain. If we are monkey's, then "monkey see, monkey do". You must be doing...
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    ALPA loses at Skywest

    Although I voted against ALPA, I would like to thank the OC for their efforts. I appreciate their want and desire to make things better for this pilot group. If ALPA would have done more for my fellow brothers and sisters at my former ALPA carrier I may have votedyes. In fact, if ALPA had done...
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    What did SAPA do about this?!

    What did ALPA do for me at my previous carrier? Nothing? What? No one has answered that yet on this thread. Not one person has even tried to answer that question!
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    What did SAPA do about this?!

    I am sure if ALPA was required to file with the SEC they would compare us to a percent of revenue. It is nice to know that OO shows where the money goes. ALPA on the other hand has not shown its pilots where their dues go. I am pretty sure most members would be pissed knowing where their hard...
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    What did SAPA do about this?!

    In a corporate run world I think they both have about the same amount of interest in us.
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    What did SAPA do about this?!

    Pilot or not it takes money to run that business. Unfortunately I don't feel that they have my best interest nor yours at hand.
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    What did SAPA do about this?!

    Did you hear about the uproar that ALPA had from within about two years ago. The ALPA national employees (secretaries, lobbyists, etc.) get paid. ALPA is just as big of a business as the airline you work for today.
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    What did SAPA do about this?!

    I am for a union just not ALPA. They have one interest: MONEY!
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    What did SAPA do about this?!

    Oh yeah and conference calls are the usual meeting for them. So it was hard to actually be present at a meeting.
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    What did SAPA do about this?!

    I was expecting honest answers and at least a little effort to make things better. Having meetings in exotic locations really makes it hard to believe that they were involved in meaningful discussions on how to improve the quality of life for the pilots they represent. Telling me to grieve it...
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    What did SAPA do about this?!

    Like I said too many what ifs. JO is not running the show.