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  1. skysurfer76

    Dynamic aviation

    anyone know anything about Dynamic Aviation? Looking for more information about their king air 200 operations.? thanks.
  2. skysurfer76

    PPC? Quicksilver ?

    Im looking to buy either a powered parachute or something like a quicksilver on floats. I like the idea of putting the ppc in an enclosed trailer while not in use (the hanger), and using it to relocate the unit to an away flying field easier. However, I have flown in a Powered paraglider trike...
  3. skysurfer76

    King Air Brake De-Ice clearity

    Q1. Anyone know if a king air b200 can x-feed bleed air to the brake de-ice ? the schmatics and other readings are not clear.The AFM does mention not to use brake de-ice when single engine... Q2. looking for a good King Air Forum....any sugestions?
  4. skysurfer76

    Landing currency

    Landing currency, 3 T&L’s within 90 in cat and class and in type…..okay I have that part….question comes where, if I did my currency in a citation does this also cover currency in my non typed multi engine aircraft?
  5. skysurfer76

    expected JetBlue New Hire normal work days

    I have an interview with JB coming up in a couple of weeks.... I wanting to know what kind of schedule I would most likely see, Im not located at a base, so i would have to commute out from CLT or RDU. Im thinking it would normaly run like a 4 on and 3 off and 3 on 4 off ect.... my...
  6. skysurfer76

    website for for GA aircraft fuel/speed etc.

    does anyone have a good website where i can get just basic information on GA aircraft that would have TAS, fuel burn, etc...? Thanks.
  7. skysurfer76

    What to expect in NJA indoc

    looking forward to attending NJA indoc starting Dec 3rd....having never gone through an indoc with any company, I'm not sure what to expect/prepare for any info will appreciated also will be in the 680 class @ CMH in Jan.
  8. skysurfer76

    Nja Or Nji

    Anyone know the pro's and con's of working for NJI or NJA. I dont know which one to apply for....scheduling,works hours, ect.... (i'm comparing the two together, what would you do if you had both offers? ) any insight will help..thanks inadvance