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  1. bleagle

    In Memory of Rich.

    What happened to Rich B?
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    Understand Continental Junior Pilots???

    looks like discriminatory hiring practices to me....
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    funniest thread I have read in awhile..........
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    Racist BA Pilots

    I think the thread was about "Da man" using racial profiling, jokes, slurs, etc... in a professional setting. It is wrong, yet it is accepted...and defended. GREAT flame bait though!
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    Union: Delta wants to cut pilot jobs

    Q: What do they base their profit projections on?
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    More AirTran Reductions....
  7. bleagle

    Delta and NWA Starting Positions From First Meeting... did she w***** herself out?
  8. bleagle

    oil going back up....

    It's just business nothing personal or emotional. The democratic leadership is accountable for almost two years of an eight year republican administration....are the republicans accountable for anything? You can't be that one sided...especially if you are an "independent". I have seen democrats...
  9. bleagle

    oil going back up....

    Your logic about qualifications is fascinating! If experience is your major gauge of political success, what is going on with the current economy? It was experienced republican leadership that swayed to special interest and now the gubment has to bail out the financial industry. Remember it is...
  10. bleagle

    Airtran contract

    Understood.... Agreed! BUT if AT mgmt countered the offer, don't you think SWA(who wanted to expand MDW service) would have made a better deal? I believe that AT tried to get the cheapest deal possible BUT once SWA got involved it was over. AT doesn't have deep pockets...hence the...
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    Airtran contract

    AT mgmt on THEIR BEST DAY could not have messed with SWA on the ATA deal.... AT mgmt on THEIR BEST DAY could not have messed with NWA ..err I mean TPG on the Midwest deal.... But AT mgmt HAS FAILED to foster a nice company culture, create diversified income receivables and failed to resolve a...
  12. bleagle

    Republic to Fly for Midwest

    Admiral Josh Painter: This business will get out of control! It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it!Hunt for Red October-Flight Deck Scene
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    UA furlough numbers released

    Oil men in the white house and still having these issues. What the hell... VOTE REPUBLICAN!
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    DL sees 2nd Q profit, plans 13% capacity cut for 2nd half 2008

    Slow down....drink slowly......
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    Delta, Hire Some Minorities

    I guess this comment really makes the point of discriminatory PILOT hiring practices. This is just another great example of how closed minded people can be...
  16. bleagle

    Delta, Hire Some Minorities

    The airline industry is as anti.white male as American politics are anti.white male. It's like sitting in a class room where there are 19 white males, one black male, and one woman. Doesn't sound anti.white male to me. Where are you from.... Kentucky or West Virginia?
  17. bleagle

    Open Skies --second stage I can smell the money....
  18. bleagle

    Noose in cockpit?

    Heavily disappointed in you RM.... look for a PM. Hilliary Clinton just talked about getting "working class" votes and that white voters would vote for her. Hey, but racism died right RM!!!
  19. bleagle

    Noose in cockpit?

    "designed and built" ... when is the next rally bubba?