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    AA pot-stir

    Tried to post the like button but it proved too much of a challenge. Good post!
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    AAL Home Base

    I heard from a jumpseater who said she heard from her roommate that MSP will be the first home base staffed by US East Airbus pilots!! ;) I have no idea but I hope they utilize the home base concept.
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    US Airways Calls

    Yep, those are the official numbers.
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    US Airways Calls

    Hey all Airways folks, any MSP commuters out there? I just got hired and am wondering what is the best A/C or Base for a pilot who lives in MSP. Thanks for the help, OTC
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    US Airways Calls

    Interesting that the 190 went senior, if one were to get PHL or DCA Airbus would you be on reserve for years? Is PHL Airbus a commutable gig?
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    Us air app

    What's the word on reapplying in the Sept. window? Is that recommended if you applied in Aug? Will you lose your old number? Thanks
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    Hey delta guys

    I don't remember any major airline manager or pilot ever coming to us lowly regional folks and giving us a vote to relax your scope!! And no I don't want bigger aircraft at the regionals. When I grew up, majors flew a 34 seat turboprop.
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    Not Welcome

    There was a sign hanging outside the MSP Crewroom a while back that said for Mesaba and Comair pilots only. I started asking around and the word was that Skywest wasn't allowed. If that is no longer the case and skywest is welcome then I will gladly edit my post and apologize for stirring the pot.
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    Not Welcome

    Before us Mesaba folks start casting too many stones....I believe when Skywest started flying into MSP it was us that said they couldn't come into our crew rooms. I don't care what the reason is...(we couldn't use theirs in SLC, non union, I don't know I wasn't in on the discussions) we should...
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    SkyWest airplane in the mud in peoria

    Hopefully the crew got to go to the hotel for the night and then a cold one or three at Hoops. Damn Hoops.....I could have retired in 10 years if it wasn't for Hoops!!!!
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    FAA will begin random ramp and line checks @ mesaba starting 7/27/09

    I, like CptMurf, don't mind the folks from the FAA riding up front and observing because it doesn't change a thing as to how I run the flightdeck. But, with that said, instead of the former deputy chief of the FAA(or whatever his title was) standing in front of cameras and telling the public...
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    The Bashing Begins

    I hate it when pilots throw young pilots under the bus just because of their age. During this last hiring boom I flew with two guys that were 21 and 20 and I would take those two anytime over the majority of the other hires for both their professionalism and piloting skills. As I think we have...
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    One man show?

    I know I shouldn't be surprised by this but does it piss anyone else off that the mulit-billion dollar merger involving over 50,000 employees is hung up on whether or not one guy (Steenland) gets to sit at the adult table to eat his pie?
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    Mesaba Voluntary Time Off W/O Pay

    Hey I don't know where you were in class but anywhere from 265 to 268. You could hold Capt in the Saab or CRJ 200 in MSP or the Saab or CRJ 900 in any other base. SEE YA
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    Flight instructor wins $5 million

    My favorite part of the story is that he has an "apartment" in Florida where no one recognizes him. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Florida has no income tax. Apartment rent for one year: $12,000 PO Box in Florida: Free $5 MILLION with no income tax taken out: Priceless
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    Desire to be new Mesaba FO

    dpneedham If you think you want to fly for the airlines and MSP is your home....Mesaba is a great company to start and end your career. I'm sure you have seen the pay scales and retirement(401k) bennies, and if that will work for you I say go for it. From my opinion, I think Mesaba has one of...
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    Pinnacle Street Captain Program

    D'oh I'm on the 7-8 year Captain scale and I make $54 an hour. I guess Matt Damon said it best in Rounders:"If you've sat at the table for 30 min. and you can't spot the sucker.... your it"
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    Do you keep your CFI current?

    I hear you!!!! I saw Iron Mike in the cities once and had an episode of PTSD!! And I took the ride 11 years ago!