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    I love this story so much I am copying it from anotherForum for your viewing pleasure

    That c*m guzzler is still @ SKYW? LMFOALOLBBQ Lil b*tch couldn't make it onto Alaska!
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    Skywest takes profits from Pilots hardwork and buys airline in Brazil.

    Move on folks, nothing new here.
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    ASA CR7 Jumps the shark...

    PM me your e-mail.
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    ASA CR7 Jumps the shark...

    You guys can PM MAX Q for pics. I sent them to him earlier.
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    ASA CR7 Jumps the shark...

    I have pics, but don't know if I'll get in trouble.
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    Stepfather: Delta lost track of son traveling from Yuma

    Unaccompanied minor got 'frantic' during layover, but employee stepped in to help, parents say
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    Compass Lav Fire Intentional

    Maybe this Flight Attendant Guy wanted to score some easy meat whistle by going away for 20+.
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    Talk about a CRAPPY Jetblue flight!

    Read the article again. He is suing for 2 mil.
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    Funny SkyWest story

    Too late! This dude(Metrosexual 752) has been useless since the day he came out of his mom's anus feet first and the doctor spanked his face and put a pacifier in his arse.
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    Funny SkyWest story

    Dbl post.
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    Both Mesa GO! pilots fall asleep during flight :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    "Suspected Sleeping go! (Mesa) Pilots Fired" :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    SKYW Q4 Earnings Call

    LMAO. Missed it by a c*nt hair...
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    SKW CRJ700 smashed by 757 on pushback

    :rolleyes: Do us a favor and STFU...
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    SKW CRJ700 smashed by 757 on pushback

    I wish it was...
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    SKW CRJ700 smashed by 757 on pushback

    Update: 705SK was ready for revenue flights today. As it's being pushed out of the hangar, some a-hole closes the hangar doors on the tail. Back to the hanger it goes...
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    ALPA loses at Skywest

    Nice try ALPA, maybe next time.
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    "Walk of Shame"

    John P. wont write you up, because he enjoys a free meat whistle peep show.
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    Skywest and ATL Reductions?

    Till now. Now you get to fly the 900 for at 700 rates.