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  1. KingAir1985

    J/S to Turks and Caicos

    Trying to make it down to Turks and Caicos in the middle part of May. I have never jumpseated internationally, I am not sure if I have to list ahead of time. US Air and American are the only two that fly there. Just seeing if someone can give some insight into the procedures for going about...
  2. KingAir1985

    DTW Pad Needed Starting in March.

    Need crashpad starting in March. Prefer close to the aerodrome, and transportation would be a help. Thanks for the help. Ryan 318-245-3419 or PM
  3. KingAir1985

    XJ Classdates

    Interviewed on the 18th. They told me July sometime. Anyone have anymore intel?
  4. KingAir1985


    Have interview on April 18th. Anyone else going to be up in MSP that day?
  5. KingAir1985

    Cirrus Seat Height

    One of the guys that I fly is looking into going fractional on a Cirrus. He is a tall guy and his head almost hits the ceiling when he is inside. Is there any adjustment that can be made on the seat track, or other possible modifications that can be made to make him more comfortable? While we...