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    SF Express?

    Anyone have any information on SF Express? Specifically I’m looking for the physical address of their headquarters in Shenzhen, and where their crews hang out? Thanks in advance! Dave
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    Yangtze River or Thrivation?

    Does anyone have any information on flying for Yangtze River and/or Thrivation? Thanks!
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    Hotels in Accra, Ghana?

    Hotels in Accra, Ghana does anyone know if there are any decent hotels in Accra, Ghana? Thanks in advance, Dave
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    Do any U.S. carriers layover in Accra, Ghana?

    Do any U.S. carriers layover in Accra, Ghana? If so, does anyone know which hotels they use? Thanks in advance, Dave
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    Anyone know how to apply to Flexjet?

    Anyone know how to apply to Flexjet or CitationShares? Does anyone know how to apply to Flexjet? The "careers" link on the Flexjet web site directs me to the Bombardier jobs list - which appears to make no mention of Flexjet. The CitationShares web site has no "careers" link, and the pilot...
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    .125 psid?????? Help!

    Somewhere, perhaps in a previous life, I remember learning that there exists a limit to which an airplane is allowed to be pressurized on the ground of .125psid. This is to ensure that the cabin doors can be easily opened, but allows for a bit of a reduction in thrust bump (which apparently was...
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    Attention Pilots at the Majors

    Hi All, I’m doing a bit of research for a paper I’m writing. I would like to know who the FA’s work for at the different majors, especially Delta and Northwest. Specifically, in their organizational tree/chain of command, do they come under the system VP of Flight Operations? Thank you...
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    Airplane advice please?

    Airplane advice please? I have a friend who is looking for an airplane. I am not smart enough to answer all of his questions, but I know there are people on this forum that are. The airplane needs a 1,400NM range with at least seven seats (including the pilot) and a cabin load of around...
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    Cellular Pilot?????

    Hi, Does anyone have any information on a commercial airport/facilities publication called “The Cellular Pilot”? I used this publication for a number of years and liked it, but I have not been successful contacting them to reorder. Are they still in business? If not, what is the best...