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  1. highsky

    UPS Pool

    Has anyone lately (last 6 months) been getting a letter placing them in the hiring pool? If so, have they gotten out of the pool? Or is everyone getting a phone call placing them directly into a class? Thanks!
  2. highsky

    Mr. Discount Airline Pilot Guy Ad

    A guy in the ATC forum found this. It's hilarious.
  3. highsky

    UPS Interview

    Has anyone interviewed with UPS recently? How long to find out the results? Anybody getting a class immediately, or is everyone swimming now?
  4. highsky

    Recent UPS Interview?

    Anyone interview at UPS in the last couple of weeks? Have you heard one way or the other yet?
  5. highsky

    Corporate Part 91 Web Sites?

    Do you guys know of any good online directories of corporate Part 91 jobs? I've tried, but its pretty anemic. Do you just have to know someone to get a job with a big corporation? Thanks
  6. highsky

    NetJets Application Accepted E-mail?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Application Accepted E-mail? It vaguely suggests that I'll definitely be called for an interview. Am I reading too much into it? If it means I will for sure be interviewed, how long after the Application Accepted E-mail does the "Interview Date" E-mail...