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    This just in...

    Not happy about it, I voted NO.
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    Do any other SkyWest pilots (besides me)...

    I don't think so either (not flying everything that they had planned). They are actually pushing back our bidding for Feb as UA is "renaming/fixing" all the flights... I do feel thrown under the bus. But I'm also tired of the small group of CAL pilots going beserk (allegdely) on SkW folks...
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    Palwaukee Flyers

    I'm so mad and sad about this last accident. Someone actually lost their life and the other basically lost his too with the shape he is in and the emotional scars of something like that. I want to go kick the living s**t out of Jim. For the people who are not familiar with the outrageous...
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    Palwaukee Flyers new name, yet again

    Captain ****************************** Bag, aka, Jim Kwasek, has changed the name of his little shop of horror yet again. Now the school is called "Chicago Executive Flight School" Stay away!! How this guy is still open angers me, and also makes me wonder what illegal things he is doing to...
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    UAX/SKW Jumpseating vs. United Greed

    Yup, somehow I didn't get in the system (I wanted to opt in, trying to non-rev out of ORD on Delta only is hard), and now I am screwed for the rest of the year. Why don't they want our money whenever just like Delta does? United is so f-ed up.
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    Skywest to charge for PC's?

    I agree with you, I was just pointing out the idiotic statement, connecting non-union and fee, the guy above me posted...
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    Skywest to charge for PC's?

    Yeah ok, read some of the above posts regarding union airlines having to do the same thing.
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    Skywest to charge for PC's?

    "TSA has imposed a fee for processing non-US Citizen pilots who take recurrent training. The fee is $70 for each recurrent simulator training request. This will be twice a year for our Captains and once a year for our First Officers until SkyWest is operating under AQP. At that time all pilots...
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    SKywest hiring Q1 2010

    I hope, if it is true, that we do hire the ASA guys.
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    Eagle recalling.

    We'll let you answer your own question on that one. Eagle>Mesa
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    Mesa losing DEN Dash 8 flying

    Oh snap!
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    Palwaukee Flyers

    Bumping back this thread. It is a shame they got rid of 14+ pages of horrible and true experiences at Flyers. Jim is still a crook, and needs to be out of business.
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    Skywest Closes Domiciles, Grows others

    And they are also closing Milwaukee by Jan 2010.
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    Skywest getting closer to furlough

    That actually sounds pretty good. I know some people are probably disappointed to not be able to get full medical, but better then nothing I guess...
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    Skywest getting closer to furlough

    Thats funny. I always "got it" that the industry or airline I am working for could close doors, the difference is that I don't think I am as worried about it. Go with the flow :)
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    Skywest getting closer to furlough

    Ah the joy of being 40-50 from the bottom, makes me feel all warm inside. I better start looking for alternatives, yay...
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    Palwaukee Flyers strikes again.... incident.

    Jim won't be in any trouble, he always gets away with ******************** liek that, just like Mesa is still in operation. Some details (comes from inside the school). The pic was a renter, has his ATP, good guy. Doing some pattern work at Campbell when they lost a cylinder. A C150, with...
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    Palwaukee Flyers strikes again.... incident.

    So our good friends at Palwaukee Flyers have struck again.... this time, a C150 (the one that replaced the one that crashed 5 miles away from the runway due to fuel starvation) landed on a frozen lake... Is Jim just waiting for his first death to shut down? I know that sounds bad but this is...
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    T-28A info...

    We need pictures!! The T-28 is one of my favorite planes of all times. 3000' isn't too bad for the 28s. I "knew" someone in the Chicago/Southern Wisco border who operates two of them and he had no problems going in and out of a 2800 narrow strip (Galt Airport 10C). Depending on weight and...
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    I recommend Palwaukee Flyers!

    Flyers update An update from Flyers. A buddy of mine just talked to someone over there and he got some good info :) They are down to one piece of crap sundowner (had three "running" beginning of the year. One crashed at Schaumburg on July 6th, N6715X. This is the airplane which crashed...