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    EX AA Chief Bart Roberts New VP Flight Operations at Jetblue.

    Not sure what this means, just a nugget if info.
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    Jetblue jumpseat open to Spirit

    Basicly nothing has changed. JS still open, front w/CASS and back non-CASS.
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    Attn: Colgan Air or Colgan Airways

    I know a lot of Colgan Airways and Colgan Air pilots knew Capt. Mitch Collins through his roles in both companies training departments. Sadly Mitch passed away Friday evening at the age of 50. No word on services.
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    Capt. Mitch Collins

    Colgan Airways, MVA, Eastern, Colgan Air, Flight Safety...Yo9u'll be missed my friend.
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    Droid users free Logbook App

    Go to Market and search intelliPilot
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    Colgan: BOS base closing?

    True or not? Just what I heard through the grapevine.
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    ORD Crew Rate / B6

    Looking for good crew rates in ORD Thanks
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    Say it Isn't so...Lynx?

    Can anyone confirm Lynx Aviation is parking airplanes? All interviews and classes canceled? A lot of good people there.
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    Corporate gig's in GJT or MTJ?

    Anyone know of any corporate gig's in GJT or MTJ regardless of QOL?
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    Headset with Airbus Plug?

    Does anyone make a headset that comes with the Airbus plug? Thanks
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    FLICA Equipment with Verizon Service?

    I'm looking for a new PDA/Phone Windows OS, Verizon service that will also work with FLICA and FLICA instant alert. What fits the bill?
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    717 Airtran Guys

    Yesterday I was watching the sports and it showed the Washington Redskins leaving for Seattle. Any the final camera shot was of a Airtran 717 flying over head however they never said that the team was on that particular aircraft. The question I have does the 71 have the legs to do...
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    AirTran Guys - 717 vs. 737-700

    Guys If there's anyone that has flown both 717 and 737-700, I'm curious how the two differ in flying characteristics and level of automation. Thanks
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    What the hell is a .....

    TA? Stupid question but I've been out of the airline biz for a while.
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    AirTran Class Dates?

    Relative time between interview and ground school, anyone how it's looking these days?
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    ATL Crew Rate Hotels

    Anything around ATL that offers a good crew rate?
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    FlexJet Schedules?

    I'm considering applying to Flexjet, with my qualifications I think I should get an interview. I would like to know a typical monthly schedule. Is it 7 on, 5 off; 6 on, 3 off; a mix, etc. Thanks