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  1. buckeyeflyer

    Avantair Hiring Mins

    I was just wondering if the mins listed on Airline Pilot Central for Avantair were up to date. The mins listed are 2,500 TT, 1,000 ME, 250 Inst, 100 recent ME turbine. The page hasn't been updated since February, so I wasn't sure if they have changed or not. Thanks in advance.
  2. buckeyeflyer


    Ok, looking for some advice. I just got hired into the Republic pool yesterday, but in light of what happened yesterday it looks like I could be in there for a while. Should I wait it out or start applying other places? Any suggestions???
  3. buckeyeflyer

    Republic Interview

    I heard a rumor that the written test for the Republic interview has been changed. I checked and didn't see anything. Has anyone interviewed there in the last couple weeks? Can anyone confirm or deny negate that? As always, thanks for the help!
  4. buckeyeflyer


    I heard a rumor through Aviaiton Interviews that training at Republic is starting to back up, and that people are already being told not to expect to go to class until mid summer. Also, that there were starting to build a surplus of FO's Is there truth to those rumors? I just applied a couple...
  5. buckeyeflyer

    Logbook Question

    I am getting ready to apply at a couple regionals and upon reviewing my logbook I have run across an issue. At some point about halfway through my logbook, I must fat fingered something on the calculator and my page totals are a little off. My ASEL + AMEL don't equal my total time (off by...
  6. buckeyeflyer

    CFI Pay

    I am doing some research and I was looking for some information. With regional airline minimums dropping over the last year, making flight instructors more and more scarce, what is an average pay rate for a flight instructor right now. Any information regarding pay and benefits that you guys...
  7. buckeyeflyer

    Republic Bases

    I just wanted to get a little feedback. I am thinking about applying at Republic and I was wondering how junior CMH, and how hard it is to get CMH based out of training? I would appreciate the info, thanks!
  8. buckeyeflyer

    A little help?

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out. My sister is going to MDW to interview with Southwest in a couple of weeks, and I was wondering if anyone had any information about the interview process that they wouldn't mind sharing. Any help that you could lend would be greatly...
  9. buckeyeflyer

    Tough Checkride Questions

    Just for fun, what is the toughest question that you have ever been asked on a checkride? (any checkride)
  10. buckeyeflyer

    King Airelines

    Does anyone know anything about these guys at all?
  11. buckeyeflyer


    I just wanted to get some feedback from people about headsets. I have been instructing for a little while now and I am considering buying a new headset. I currently have a David Clark H10-13.4, but I am looking for something that has ANR. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for the help!
  12. buckeyeflyer

    Looking for CFI Jobs near JAX

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good places to flight instruct in the Jacksonville area. Any advice is greatly appreciated...