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    NWA is sounding a lot like DAL

    Thanks for the welcome Nu. Standing by to stand by!
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    NWA is sounding a lot like DAL

    Myself and 3 other guys were the last to interview with NWA yesterday. 3 of us got the conditional offer today! In the pool for now. HR told me if the pool last for over 12 months we will all have to re-apply. At least I've got a foot in the door. Semper Fi Herkdriver
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    Coke Interview

    Hi Guys; I am new to the board here. I have an interview with Coke on the 27th. Anyone have any gouge on their interview process? Types of questions they ask? Starting sallery for captain/first officer? Work schedule? etc. Thanks Cliff
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    Emergency Response Plan

    Google OPNAVINST 3750.6R