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  1. p3pilot71

    MIA crash pad

    I have a slot opening up this month in my crash pad in Miami. Details on my Facebook page:
  2. p3pilot71

    CitationShares Sept. Class

    Thanks. Got my wings at VT-31 in January 1996. Never saw Corpus Christi again after that. You?
  3. p3pilot71

    CitationShares Sept. Class

    Indoc starting 29 SEP and sim training for the Sovereign in October.
  4. p3pilot71

    CitationShares Sept. Class

    Not yet. Have you called or e-mailed? I haven't.
  5. p3pilot71

    Colgan training contract

    If you quit and they come after you for the money be sure to ask them how their contract for de-icing fluid in PKB is coming along. Last I checked they owe $26,000 and have started trucking in fluid so that they don't have to pay.
  6. p3pilot71

    Breaking Colgan Alpa News

    Not everyone voted against the union. To say that every Colgan pilot's "dream job" interview is screwed because of this failed vote is a$inine.
  7. p3pilot71

    UPS App. Question

    I have the transoceanic experience and got the same message so that's not it.
  8. p3pilot71

    Colgan Flying for Delta?

    Pinnacle's Q2 earnings slashed Memphis Business Journal - August 8, 2007 Print this Article Email this Article Reprints RSS Feeds Most Viewed Most Emailed Pinnacle Airlines Corp. reported Tuesday net income of $7.6 million for the second quarter, down 35 percent from $11.9 million in...
  9. p3pilot71

    UPS Application Uncertainty

    Sluggo, Mine is the same except for status. It says "On File" instead of active. P3
  10. p3pilot71

    UPS Application Uncertainty

    I'm with you. Their whole application process is a disgrace. I've been trying to apply since the window opened and finally got in today. Had to create a new e-mail address just to get past the initial questionarre page.
  11. p3pilot71

    UPS App. Question

  12. p3pilot71

    UPS App. Question

    I tried it again with a newly created e-mail address and it let me in. Filled out the app and got the "sorry but..." message.
  13. p3pilot71

    UPS App. Question

    Filled in and triple checked all of the info and keep getting this reply:"Our system has retained the information you previously supplied. Your information, along with the information supplied by other job applicants, will be considered when UPS jobs become available. Thank you for continuing to...
  14. p3pilot71

    UPS App. Question

    Is anyone here a first time applicant? I am and the only thing I can fill out is the page that asks for contact information and the yes/no questions regarding minimums.
  15. p3pilot71

    Ups "flight Officer"

    Should my buddy go ahead and submit his recommendation now or should we wait until they actually start accepting applications? He's going on a two-week trip in a couple of days and probably won't have access to the internet.
  16. p3pilot71

    Site updated -AE careers

    Ted is a freakin tool. Thank goodness I never had to fly with him while I was there. Although, maybe I could've picked up on some of his mad skills with the ladies.
  17. p3pilot71

    UPS App. Question

    I applied for the first time today and got the same message. I don't think it was a "thanks but no thanks".
  18. p3pilot71

    Any current info on Dynamic Aviation?

    Sorry guys. I left a message with my buddy and still haven't gotten a response. I'll try again.
  19. p3pilot71

    Truth About Colgan

    "Some of you have communicated to me that you would like to see an open line to our Chief Pilots office and to other management within the Company. Currently, our Chief Pilot, Tom Brink, holds a weekly conference call on which any pilot can attend and receive updates on the Company’s operation...
  20. p3pilot71

    Who is the Pinnacle Captain denying Jumpseat??

    You're right. There are absolutely things you must consider with every MEL. My point is that it doesn't make much sense to delay a flight because you don't have enough O2 for the jumpseater. What would be your explanation to the Mx department for not taking the aircraft in that situation?