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  1. Cardinal

    "Continental 69, United Colors"

    .....makes no freaking sense! That is all.
  2. Cardinal

    Pax absconds with FFDO carry piece Handgun Ends Up On Wrong Flight A JetBlue pilot's backpack containing a handgun was picked up by an unsuspecting passenger and the bag was brought aboard a flight at John F. Kennedy...
  3. Cardinal

    Wilga Ferry/Instruction

    Anybody have significant time in a Wilga? Need a pilot qualified to give some instruction + ridealong on a 2-3 day domestic ferry, ideally at the end of this month. PM if you're interested.
  4. Cardinal

    Great Lakes Hiring Run Finally Ends...Newhires Sent Home

    So much for the ZK bandwagon. After continuous classes since mid-2004, Lakes announced last week that they have stopped hiring for an indefinite period of time. And just Thursday the newhire class in progress got visited and sent home. Discussion is of more furloughs to cut into the line...
  5. Cardinal

    A-Star clobbered by Geese Pictures in the thread: Geese everywhere; both windshields, intake, chin, and landed in front of an adult bookstore.
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    How Long Does it Take? - The Furlough Mental Adjustment

    Every promise of new employment is met internally with "What will I do when I get recalled" When will this counter-productive, overly loyal, warped thought process come to an end? I'm making progress towards an offer many would kill for, but still the same conflicted hesitance. It's...
  7. Cardinal

    Leonard Notek, F9, ZW

    Leonard Notek was killed Tuesday, June 17, 2008 when his Lark 95 crashed shortly after takeoff from West Carrollton, Ohio. He is an Air Wisconsin almuni, hired at Frontier a little less than a year ago. The best of guys, always happy and smiling. He will be sorely missed. The story...
  8. Cardinal

    TZ, SX, AL, etc, You're Welcome on the Frontier Jumpseat

    Welcome Aboard for 30 days after your organization closed its doors. Try to let a pilot know you're jumpseating, as it requires an agent do a little bit of tinkering in the computer to get an approval.
  9. Cardinal

    Does Rush Limbaugh have a Frax Share?

    Sounds like he flies alot between NY and the "Southern Command" in Florida. Does he have a share or his own aircraft? Somebody must know...
  10. Cardinal

    Frontier Pilot's Message Board Axed?

    WTF? "Due to concerns about inappropriate interactive message board use, the interactive message board is no longer being offered" Normally I wouldn't air dirty laundry, but seeing as I have no other place to post this..... Is this over the whole Frenchy deal? How utterly unbelievably lame...
  11. Cardinal

    THIRD SAS Q400 Gear Collapse in 2 Months

    ...And the fourth Q400 since August 12th. Today (Saturday Oct 27th) SAS parked another Q400 in the weeds following gear trouble. Copenhagen, Denmark. It's interesting to see the learning curve at work as the pilots get used to this -...
  12. Cardinal

    Q400 - Woe Betides Thee. This time it's the Nose Gear;art8853,841192 The article is in German, but there's a picture. Lufthansa Commuter, Nose gear was uninterested in further toil, landed in Munich.
  13. Cardinal

    Air Force official rapped after nuclear flyover Forgive me for my ignorance, but why is it such a disaster when a nuclear bomber based in the U.S. flies over the U.S. with nuclear weapons?
  14. Cardinal

    Who IS this Toolbox? He's everywhere. Sporting the Captain stripes and FO hat, never with an emblem. That far off stare, judging whatever lies beyond the horizon with a slight squint. I want to hurt him.
  15. Cardinal

    To the Skywest Crew with "Severe Icing" in DEN today...

    OPEC thanks you. Your fearless leadership in reporting severe icing on the 34R approach cut arrival capacity by 1/3 and sent multiple aircraft into holding, further increasing our dependence on arab oil. Nevermind the dozen aircraft ahead of you that reported light to moderate, and the...
  16. Cardinal

    DEN Controllers Imprisoned.

    Forbidden from leaving the tower. Hope you had a big breakfast. Really warms the heart.
  17. Cardinal

    Somebody Ran Into CAL in EWR

    From "Due to OTHER/ACFT INCIDENT, there is a Traffic Management Program in effect for traffic arriving Newark International Airport, Newark, NJ (EWR)." From CNN: "Two planes reportedly collide on the ground at Newark International Airport, New Jersey. No word on injuries yet."...
  18. Cardinal

    United 777 w/MEL'd APU Makes Headlines Guess these folks have never flown around New Mexico for a few days with no apu, no ground air, and deferred air conditiong....Hmpph.
  19. Cardinal

    Transcripts, Sealed or Not?

    For the major airline interview, transcripts from one's education are likely a necessary piece of documentation. Would you hand the interviewer an opened transcript, i.e., the single 8.5x11 crammed into your stack of stuff? Or leave it in it's nice sealed, stamped envelope, in a presumable...
  20. Cardinal

    NW A319/DC-9 Ground Collision Video They just found a remarkably high-quality security camera tape of that hyd failure/taxi accident at MSP about a year back. Suprising in it's raw violence.